In California there are 15,000 homeless US military veterans; 6,000 of them are in Los Angeles County. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times newspaper I read over coffee this morning, there are resources we have – and don't have – to help them get to their next “there.” I'd like to add to the conversation…

Over the past three years I have presented seminars across the country for an organization called, the “Institute for Management Studies.” The group is based in Reno, NV, and there are more than 20 cities worldwide with independent “chair-persons” who organize a yearly schedule of Professional Development Seminars.

Each Chair organizes 12-13 programs, and I'm fortunate enough to speak (next year!) in cities such as St. Louis, New York, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and others. And, here's where it gets interesting:

In many of the US cities I present in, employees of the US Department of Veteran's Affairs attend to learn – and practice – the methods and strategies I write about in the book, Your Best Just Got Better.

So, when I read the article in today's paper by Gale Holland about homeless veterans getting housing AND jobs through a program in Los Angeles, I got super-excited. I don't have the $32 million dollars it took to renovate a building, but I do have a book…and a personal/professional development online coaching program. So, I can add to the conversation!

Here's my proposal: I'll offer a 3-week membership (and coaching from me and Jodi) to up to 10 directors of the Los Angeles VA – someone let Michelle Wildy (chief of community care for the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System) know that I'll do what I can to support the people who need all the mindshare, all the focus, all the productivity and all the energy they can get.

The serendipity of this article, and this idea, is incredible. Last week, while hiking in the Grand Canyon (52 miles over 37 hours) I focused for about an hour on this question:

What can we do to help returning military veterans?