Are you an influential leader?

What causes a person to think of herself or himself as a “leader?” It’s a question I got to ask Frances Hesselbein.

Look out at the community you live and work in and identify those brave enough to stand up and say, “I am a leader.”
This month, Get Momentum members around the world have the opportunity to learn from one of our country’s greatest leaders: Frances Hesselbein.

Now, just because you haven’t heard of her yet doesn’t mean you can skip this email.
I can give you just a few reasons you’d want to sit down with her – “knee to knee” as she says in our video interview available exclusively to Get Momentum members – and partake of the wisdom she so willingly shares.

* She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

* She has received more than 20 Honorary Doctoral Degrees

* She has written 3 books, and edited 27 books in nearly 30 languages

* FOUR American Presidents have recognized her as one of our country’s greatest leaders

The Get Momentum Theme for September:

“You: The Influential Leader”

As your Productivity Coach, I spent more than 6 years getting to know Frances, and just 50 minutes interviewing Frances Hesselbein. I’ve watched that interview three times this month, and I’ll share three things I’m sure of:

– Influence: “Who” we spend time with changes “what” we believe is possible. If you’re going to be a better leader, you have to spend time with the most influential people.

– Community: The groups we lead (family, friends, colleagues, communities) want to follow us…if they trust us.

– Leadership: Today is the most important time in history for us to step up and BE leaders.

And, a BONUS…Ready?

– Productivity: There is a myth that we need to “do” anything more; truth is, “Leadership is a matter of how to BE, not what to do.”


How would YOU like to learn from a mentor, a teacher, a leader and a (newfound) friend who has more than NINE DECADES of experience? That is who you have access to this month: Ms. Frances Hesselbein.

She’s willing and able to share her perspective on how we can be better, and in less than an hour you’ll have the information and inspiration you need to make a difference.


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18:13 – The “who” we spend time with WILL positively & negatively influence how we are as leaders.

21:31 – How “love” changes everything from a leaders’ perspective.

24:44 – More than ever – in the current political and economic world we live in – THIS is the most important thing to emphasize…

29:11 – How “where we come from” is more important than we may think.

31:49 – How one conversation in a Presbyterian church put Frances in charge of a few girls, and…

… how that ultimately led to her being asked to serve as the CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA (1976-1990).