“I didn’t know I could do that.”

This is a comment I have heard hundreds (or is it thousands) of times. With friends, with clients…Even with my wife! I’ll watch people work and as I do, I’ll suggest the smallest thing they can do to work a little smarter, be a little more efficient, have a better day – day after day after day. How about this for an example?

Long ago I wondered if it was possible to speed up AND automate the “copy/paste” tasks I had to do when I was replying to emails potential clients sent to me. I talked to a few people I know, and we brainstormed ways that I could create multiple signatures in email to semi-automate my work. That one query led me to save about 60 minutes a day.

It’s why this month at www.TimeToGetMomentum.com we’re studying “Productivity Through Technology.” Want to know more? Click here.

There are two other things to consider, if you’re looking to be any more productive with the technology you have access to. Click here to read what they are.

I know of three ways you can change your workflow and patterns to get more done:

1. Work in 15 minute sessions, UP TO 7 a day. [Click here…] If you can string these together (sometimes I’ll work for 45 or even 75 minutes in/on one topic) all the better. At the minimum, decide what the END RESULT of each block of time will be before you start working. (Why 15 minutes? Here’s a video to explain…)

2. Ask for help, early and often. Just the other day, I “finally” asked for help (I turned to my social media community to ask a most basic question that I’d already spent more than an hour working to solve) and realized, had I asked earlier, I would have been in, through and out of that “workflow issue” in about 5 minutes, saving more than 55 to apply to something – ANYthing – else.

3. Do the math. Numbers are magical; they help us quantify what we have and what we need, and they give us a very clear and present sense of reality. Some of the “math” I ask clients to do includes:

  • How many meetings are you invited to each week?
  • How many meetings do you schedule each week?
  • How many inbound phone calls do you receive?
  • How many outbound phone calls do you make?
  • How much money is in your checking/savings account?
  • How much money is in your wallet RIGHT NOW?

Now, in all transparency, THESE particular numbers may or may not mean a LOT to you. Your job is to find the numbers that work for you, that mean something to you, and would cause you to make a change. Ready? Go!