When it comes to making more possible, to achieving on your goals, what do you do to “line yourself up” for success? I'll give you something you can think about today, and if you meditate on it and it fits for you, it may just change the way you do just about everything.

Often, people ask, “How do you get so much done?”

Some things that we get done, we don't have to think about any more. Consider all the to-dos you get done before you leave the house; while you're at the office [or, where you go to work]; on your way home and at home each evening. Literally, there are HOURS of work you're doing throughout each day. I'm curious, how much of the work you do actually came from the to-do list or calendar reminders you've organized?

Thinking exists outside of boxes.

When it's time to get things done, to “do” productive, and to achieve results, here are 4 things to look for:

  1. a time period
  2. an event
  3. a community
  4. a purpose

I'm convinced that people don't need as much time as they think to make significant progress on their MITs (most important things). IN fact, if you'll take me up on a challenge, I'll put it out there: Set a timer for 15 minutes and focus 100% of your focus – no phones, no TV, no other people – on ONE thing you want done in the next 90 days. At the end of those 15 minutes…

What will you have? What will be better? What is the outcome of the effort you're planning to create? Get real (and I mean REAL) clear on what the end result will be.

Let 3-5 people know what your world, your work, your vision looks like between now and 3 months from today. In fact, if you want to super-size, and speed up, the impact of the effort you're engaged in, meet with that group of people AT LEAST every other week for the next 12 weeks. Meet over coffee, go for a walk together, plan a Google+ Hangout. For 5 to 15 minutes, “report out” on what you're working on, what you've done, and what support you need.

Why? Why are you doing what you do? Go way beyond the answer “because” or “because I have to.” Actually visualize, envision in clear detail, WHY you think what you're about to create/produce/make is THAT important.

More IS possible. You CAN make a difference. It is YOUR time to move forward. Use these 4 steps, and achieve more this quarter.