This was one of MANY questions I received via email a while back (click here to see them all). 

Christi wrote in to say, “What is the May “Get Momentum” module theme?” Only problem is, she asked me in APRIL! You see, on the 1st (or the first Monday!) of each month, we launch that month’s Member Theme at Get Momentum. Then, for the next 4 weeks, the global group of leaders reads about, learns about, studies, practices and reports on what that theme means to them.


The Get Momentum program is a 12-month semi-self-paced coaching program. So, the month we studied the theme of “Resilience,” for example, members had a full 2-3 hours of coaching around the topics of:

  • Facing overwhelm realistically
  • Getting “back to productive” when stress overwhelms you
  • Identifying the most strategic and tactical ways to be productive
  • What do do when you hit “Maximium Complexity” in life AND at work (often simultaneously)

Here is a look at how the theme “looks” at the membership site. Each month you get:

  1. unlimited access to the Momentum Module, 
  2. an exclusive invitation to the online Town Hall (webinar) meeting
  3. access to a Success Profile video interview of someone demonstrating success in the theme.

Also, as a member, you’re invited to participate in a Global Online Discussion forum.

So, Christy, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you ahead of time what May’s theme is going to be, but I know you’re going to find it as interesting and as compelling as the last year’s worth of themes! (See the picture below…)