Recently, I was talking with a client in Hong Kong (I was there for 50 hours last week, what an incredible town!) about productivity and energy management throughout the day. During the conversation we talked about exercise, diet, and sleep. We also talked about organization, time management and delegation. As you can probably imagine, the 2 hour discussion flew by, and I walked away thinking, “There are quite a few articles I need to write here!”

Hong Kong

4 Things Successful Leaders Do

Flying home last Wednesday, I reviewed my notebook, and realized that throughout the conversation I returned again and again to four ideas…I’ll list them below, and describe them in more detail over here (click to read).


  1. Successful leaders make a to-do list for tomorrow; yes, before lunch.
  2. Successful leaders maximize AutoText, Shortcuts and Signatures in their correspondence.
  3. Successful leaders always tag incoming information (physical AND digital) much more effectively.
  4. Successful leaders are aware of, focused on, and use the power of the “30th minute” during meetings.

Here’s my suggestion: Pick just ONE of these to work on for the rest of this week, then choose another one each of the next 3 Mondays after that. Choose one of these to experiment with, and after a month I will GUARANTEE you’ll be saving at least an hour a day. This will allow you to get more of the right things done (and, perhaps even give you time for that nap, that workout, or that “date night” with your significant other!).