(Enjoy this guest post contributed by Justin Esgar , a friend of mine who contributed this article to get you thinking about how to make things better…)

From my experiences, two main issues always arise when I discuss the idea of Appitalize with people. Either they say, “I don’t have the time” or “I can’t come up with an idea.” Both of these negative statements stop people dead in their tracks.Newton

And as we’ve learned from Newton’s laws – an object at rest stays at rest.

So it’s time to get up and get moving!

Let’s start with the first problem – time. Many people believe that to have a successful idea come to fruition they need to devote 24 hours a day to it. I can tell you that I spend less than 30 minutes a day doing work for my app SignMyPad. You can successfully make things happen even while keeping your 9 to 5 job. Think you don’t have that kind of time? Grab a notepad, and track your day. Include in this how much time you spend getting ready in the morning, commuting, working, eating, watching TV, Facebooking, etc.

According to a Daily News article from 2012, the average American wastes thirty-four hours a week watching TV alone! Think about all the other times you are just playing the latest game on your mobile device. All those wasted minutes can be used to help you ‘Appitalize’. Once you’ve realized how much time a day you really have, you’ll easily stop thinking you don’t have the time to work on your idea.

Onto the second and the bigger of the two problems – coming up with an idea. I recently had lunch with my in-laws, and my mother-in-law had read a preview copy of my book Appitalize On Your Idea. As a teacher near retirement, she’s been thinking about what she’s going to do after her teaching career ends. After reading my book, we all went out for lunch. I could see this look in her face.

She was thinking about something, so I inquired.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked.

“Your book put all these thoughts into my head. I’d love to come up with an idea, I just don’t know where to look.” She replied.

Now Appitalize On Your Idea has a whole section on where ideas come from, so I only can assume she skimmed that section.

I told her to look at her normal day. There must be something there. People who don’t know where to look for ideas just need to open their eyes. There are so many things around you in your normal day-to-day lives that are missed opportunities.

Here’s an experiment for your Get Momentum-ers. Use that notepad again and next to where you’ve written down what you’ve done that day, write down 2 things you think would help you accomplish that part of your day better. Be as crazy and outlandish as you would like. Maybe it’s a faster way to make breakfast, or a flying car to make your commute easier. Maybe it’s something simpler like a stapler that never jams or runs out of staples. If you’ve found something that you need in your life, chances are others need it as well.

The more ideas you come up with, the more likely you are to come up with something good.

There’s no shortage of great ideas out there. Innovation is what allows us as humans to forge forward into the future. Don’t limit yourself to the platforms that exist in today’s world.

Think bigger and you too can Appitalize on Your Idea!


justinJustin T. Esgar is a serial entrepreneur, balancing time between consulting, software development, and coming up with the next big idea. His premier app SignMyPad has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide and has been featured in Apple’s list of top business apps. He launched NYCTruckFood in 2011 which tracks food trucks in New York City, and his latest endeavor is Email Phoenix, a cloud-based backup service for Kerio mail users. He focuses on projects that combine a passion for technology with a commitment to going green.