When you turn up to work next, what are the things you’ll anticipate customers, colleagues or managers will focus on? It’s a good question, one that by asking will separate you from the crowd. More than that, it’s an owner’s question.

Multiply Value, Optimize Effort

When it comes to achieving that next level of “you,” the impact it can have on your life will be significant. Reading this blog you’re already calling yourself out as someone who is in the way to bigger…to #better…to more. Now, have you defined your more?


There is a word that has a lot of energy to it. Are you willing or even able to stand up in a group of people and declare that you want “more”? My guess is that there was a momentary pause there. Why? My guess is because you immediately went to an uncomfortable place. Were you thinking I was talking about making more money? Interesting…

What Is Your More?

For a moment, consider the list of ten things you want more of…

More memories
More travel
More children
More photographs
More sales
More volunteers

Those are just a few that I’ve heard lately.

By challenging the current expectations of what others think you should or could be making more of,