About a year ago, my granma passed away. After more than 8 decades on this planet, she moved on leaving us with memories every day.

Last week, over 200 people gathered together in what we called a Celebration of Life in honor of her awesomeness. At one point, I grabbed all 8 of us grand kids and got this picture. I think it’s our first group photo in a few years…

For a few hours we laughed, cried, told stories and remembered her positive impact on us all. One of the stories I told was when I was younger and all I wanted was my license to drive; it took longer to get than expected, and one evening when I was complaining about it she said, “Jason, you just put one foot in front of the other and you’ll get anywhere you need to go.”

Wow, was she right…I can say many times per week that quote comes to mind as I’m moving through life.
Thanks, Mom.