“It was nice meeting you, here’s a copy of our book.”

And with that, the co-author Sarah petty and I became “book pals!” In essence, she gave me the gift to take the something we’re building and make more of it. Right up my ally!

Holding this New York Times Bestseller, with a quote on the front by none other than Seth Godin suggesting we go right to page 8, in my hand I felt proud, honored, excited…And a little bit nervous.

The Subtitle made me sit back and think (oh, and it also tells us EXACTLY what we’re going to read about!).

“Build a business that thrills your customers and still change what you’re worth.”

So, you’re probably wondering, “What’s on Page 8 that got Godin so excited?” Here’s the quote, and then I’ll explain why I liked it so much:

“‘Being boutique’ is about how you operate – it’s a model of doing business, a filter for your business decisions, and a mindset that makes your customers say you were worth every penny.”

Sarah and Erin go on to explain how ‘being boutique’ is an advantage, and as a small business owner I completely agree. If you’re in a position to start a business, grow a business or re-brand a business, then pick this book up, head to your kitchen or dining room table, and set a timer for 75 or 90 minutes. Oh, you’re gonna need a notepad and a pen…At least I did.

Here are some of my takeaways from reading this book (cover to cover, in two sittings!):

Chapter 1: Gotta get your branding right. You know what’s amazing here? Whether we’re talkin’ about ourselves as entrepreneurs, business owners, community members or human beings…This one rings true. When people think of you…What do they think?

Chapter 3: Are you on the verge of re-branding? Before you do, READ this chapter. The questions (and there are only three!) that the ladies ask you to answer just may keep you up at night. They might slow you down. They might speed you up. Bottom line: They make you think!

Chapter 5: I grew up between two sets of parents. My mom and step-dad ran a small town restaurant. My dad was the COO of The Sharper Image (in the hey-day!). From BOTH of these experiences I learned about the importance of taking care of the “best” customers. Offering a high-touch experience to EVERYone is a challenge well worth taking. As you read this chapter, ask yourself: “Can I make life easier for my clients?” “Can I make my clients look great to their friends and family?”

Page 69: This. Is Huge! “Become a role model or mentor.” Enough said. Go, do it. Today. Help someone.

Page 74: If you thought that LAST one was big… Ya gotta see these two pieces of advice:
1. Ask customers for ideas.
2. Seek the opportunity.

Personally, we started TimeToGetMomentum dot com because I called my clients (over 100, on the phone!) at the beginning of the year. I asked them a question, “How could I help you achieve bigger goals?” Over and over again they described their needs…the answer: Get momentum.

The only thing that I’d add to what the authors said about “seeking” opportunity is to create opportunities for others to shine. When I started making @Kiva loans for every book review on Your Best Just Got Better, my clients started spreading the word. That was awesome.

Chapters 8 and 10: If you’ve had even ONE conversation lately about reducing your prices, or discounting your services, PLEASE skip EVERYthing in this book, and read (and reread) these two chapters. They’ll make you think, up level your strategy, and maybe even make more money!

Chapter 12: The second business my wife and I started (No More Nylons dot com) is based on helping people get out of the work they have to do, and in to the work you love. And, our business – nearly 90% of it – comes from our existing network. So, our job is – month in, month out – to expand that network. Read chapter 12 of this book, and you’ll be on your way to building the network you need to create the business that you’re dreaming of.

The Ideal Client reading this book is someone who’s ready to take their business from a hobby to something bigger. If that’s you, I have one question: What are you waiting for?

This book is worth every penny.