How many emails to you get/send each day?

Recently, I coached a founder of a company and she confessed that the 300+ emails in her inbox constantly pull at her attention. “What do I do?” she asked? Instead of deleting all and “hoping they  wouldn’t come back,” we started upleveling her use of Subject Lines.

  • Would you like to save 15-30 minutes a day? Ask your colleagues to send you clearer subject lines.
  • Want to close more deals with customers? Write exactly what you’re offering in the subject line.
  • Want to make it easier for people to get you want you need? Clearly state what you ask for…in the subject line.

A generic subject line in an email is a lost opportunity. To save precious seconds during the busy work day, include the action you want to achieve in the subject line, as in “please print, reply and sign the attached contract.”