Well, happy Friday to you! What do YOU have planned for the end of the week? If you think of it – between the hours of 6am-3pm Mountain Time – will ya send me some good thoughts? Here’s where I’m climbing on Friday, June 28th, 2013. Thank you BTC…

As I finished the day (off) on Thursday here in Crested Butte, Colorado – day 5 of the 7 day Bicycle Tour of Colorado – I looked up to see the lights dancing overhead.

Over the next week or two, I challenge you to get outside “around” time of sunset and grab a picture with (at least) your mobile phone. There’s something about watching the colors fade to dark that still amazes me.

Ok, so the other day we rode up and over another pass, this one was up in the 9,500 feet (about 3,000 meters) mark. Most amazing to me about that trip was the fact that MOST of it we did on dirt road. In fact, I’ve never ridden that many miles on my road bike…off of the road.

To start that morning (last Wednesday) I did find a little coffee/breakfast place in the small town of Paonia, Colorado. There, on the wall as I was waiting in line, I saw this poster and wanted to share it with you…

From there, I started riding. I’ll share a little about that day – some of the things I saw and thought about – and then I will tell ya what I’m thinkin’ for this long ride from Crested Butte to Salida, Colorado.

The route had us going through a little, old coal-mining town called Somerset. Since 1896 they’ve been digging coal out of those mountains. Of course, just being a “casual observer” of the issues we have – and will be developing even more in the decades to come – surrounding the great energy debates, I did take some time this week to let myself wander/wonder.

As I was riding along, I saw this huge banner… on it the statement, “500,000 man hours without a reportable” incident. Even at 50 hours per person, per week, with as many hundreds of people who are there, that’s a LONG time with a safe track record. (Starting in August, I’m going to be publishing regular “Momentum Moments at the www.GetMomentum.co website. Check back in Mid July to get all signed up for that! One of the Moments will be about this banner…)

So, my thought as I continued on the great climb of that day was, “What can you market/advertise/promote as the thing you’re THAT proud of?”

Recently, there has been some discussion on the www.GetMomentum.co community forum about the place/space/time of sharing goals with others. What do you think? Do you set a goal and keep it to yourself? Do you share that goal with someone/anyone? Do you actively celebrate the accomplishment of the goal when you gain achievement? These are big, big prompts!

I kept on riding that day and came across some of the most amazing nature scenes I’d ever seen. Here’s a flower for you.

I simply had to stop to take this panoramic photo, it was just gorgeous up/out there!

So I want to get a little controversial here.

Have you seen the most recent flurry of articles, blog posts and announcements about the importance of “The Great Unplug’? (My words, not theirs.)

So a few famous people (famous to the degree that they’re popular out there in the business world) are talking about how they leave technology behind/at home, and regularly spend time NOT connected. I get it; I really do.

This past week I’ve had many hours of NOT being connected, and I’ve got to share 3 things with you that make this more of a challenge than I’m reading about in some of the popular magazines and journals (and…I know because I wrote for some of them!).

1. Just to take the time off that I have (still checking in “most” days this month), I spent many weeks – and in two cases MONTHS – with some of my clients getting the ready for me being gone.

No, I’m not THAT important; I know that. I also know, however, that since Jodi and I started our three consulting and advising companies we HAVE made ourselves very available to all our clients -both paid and pro-bono.

Starting in about February, I had to move work (seminars, coaching, advising appointments) around my vacation time of 23 days in June. All but one client understood; most supported my decision, and knew that it was important for me to do this kind of a trip.

(I’ve had people say, “Whenever you get to us after a race or big athletic event, you’re a little better…a little more effective…a little smarter.” I like that!

2. I’ve got to trust the people I work with. Personally, I’m not reading enough by these people who are touting the benefits of unplugging about their “entourage.” The group of people they have built up to “handle” a lot of what needs handling while they’re “off the grid.”

Jodi and I have had to work overtime some weeks (and weekends!) in order to make sure that the rest of our team has everything they need while we’re off-line. I anticipate for every hour or so of me being out of reach (email, phone calls, text messages, social media) there is 90 to 120 minutes of prep work I need to do.

Reminds me of college.

3. I absolutely am relying on the efficiencies I’ve got in place to MAXimize the tech when I do get back to it. The longest I’ve personally unplugged was 9 days (and a few hours) when Jodi and I visited Costa Rica a while back.

Regularly I’ll take a day (or even two) off, but when I come back I need to use EVERY trick I know to catch back up, as soon as I can. I did make a video on this over at vimeo.com/jasonwomack – it’s called, “How I do, what I do…”

Hey, wanna up the challenge? Join www.GetMomentum.co for a year by the end of June, and I’ll work with you PERSONALLY to schedule a MINIMUM 72 hour break away from your technologically connected life…

You up for this?