Day Three of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado…a short ride from Carbondale to Paonia, Colorado. (Just to clarify, “Yes…this is a different bike ride from the one I did earlier in June; that one is called, ‘Ride the Rockies’ and is a similar event.) When I say shorter, what I mean is “less-than-60-miles” in a day. Because of that, I’m going to spend a bit more time with Jodi in the morning; surely, we’ll find a coffee shop somewhere!

Quick overview…here’s the whole tour:

And, you can see here our day will unfold a bit “hilly” early in the ride, and then we’ll have a nice, scenic, relatively flat ride for the rest of the day.

Along the way, I saw these “beehive” coke ovens. Every now and then I get to realize/recognize just how much of our own national history I don’t know. I mean, at some/one point everything about this local economy depended on this industry. Makes me want to ask you, “What is it that you’re doing now that 80 years from now will be obsolete; a museum exhibit, if even that?

I paused along the day to look out over one of the valleys to take this photo. After I took it, I sat down on a big rock to think…

I’m not sure if it was the slight breeze in the air, the fact that I was there all by myself, maybe it was that I’ve had more than 50 hours in that bike saddle over the past couple of weeks and can say that I’ve “thought myself out” … whatever it was, I had an ah-ha. One that on the surface doesn’t seem that great; but, let yourself dive..deeper. You ready? May I recommend you write it down, on a sticky note, and put it where you can see it every day for the next week.


Movement is Required to Move


Look, there something you wish were different. Could be in your work. Might be in your life. Is it your health? Are there relationships that are on your mind? Ok, perhaps there is a goal that you’re sick and tired thinking about…it’s time to start moving.

I figure at any given time “about” 2 square centimeters of my bike tires are touching pavement. Riding on top of those two centimeters, pumped up to 120 PSI, is about 17 pounds of bike, 4 pounds of gear, and 130 pounds of me. To make matters more interesting, there are times when I’m traveling uphill at no more than 6 miles an hour, and downhill at (a top speed this trip) of 52 miles an hour.

Where are you waiting?

Give me the biggest dream you have to achieve. Seriously, email it to me. Give me a day to think about it, give me a phone call to talk about it, and give me a week or so to create a plan for you. Tell me, how much would that be worth?

Back in May, I flew to Zurich to present a 7 hour workshop. Knowing I would be there, and having the goal to meet the COO and CEO of a company (startup in the tech world) based in Frankfurt and Singapore, I put some emails out to connect with these two fine gentlemen. Once they committed to having a breakfast with me (yes, traveling all the way to Zurich!), I put my plans together for air travel and hotel stay. I figure, in all, that meeting cost me “about” $1,000.

Having had that meeting, I will tell you, has changed the way I’m looking at some things. How much is THAT worth? I’m going to conservatively say, over the course of my life, around $50,000-$100,000. Check with me in about 10 years to see what I’ve done with the “momentum/inertia” matrix. (Already I’ve had a couple of articles published along these lines, and three companies call me to talk to their leadership teams about the intersection of these ideas. Come to think about it, the original value I placed on that single idea may be MORE valuable than I thought.)

Later in the day, I found myself moving from thought-trail through to new thought-trail about how the community at is stepping up and taking roles that support individuals with ideas/advice/experiments to move their missions forward.

That’s when I looked up and saw this bit of counsel spray painted in bright, neon orange for all of us to see:

I was riding so fast, that as I saw it, and took a moment for it to register…I then laughed out loud. It wasn’t a “ha-ha-that’s-funny” laugh; it was the laugh of amazement.

There was a warning that read:


I slowed down, pedaled a U-turn, stopped there at the exclamation mark, and took this picture. Then, for an hour or so I let myself wonder, “Where could we place such a warning for the clients I work with?”

I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome if the week that your company owner/executive decides to downsize, rightsize or whatever they currently call it, this kind of a sign was spray-painted in the parking lot; or, printed up on a poster and taped to the elevator?

How about at home… your high school student is “unusually” quiet when you drive them to school. Wouldn’t it be awesome if somehow their cell phone sent your car dashboard a SMS update, “Rough Road Ahead, Mom and Dad.”

Now, too often we’re on our own. By the time we figure out there IS rough roads, we’re already skipping down the road. And, heaven forbid you’re moving along too fast… that’s how an “accident” happens.

Do me a favor, click the “Contact” menu bar option above and let me know the “rough road” you’re seeing come toward you. I’m going to pick someone’s to work on…what can you expect? I’ll write a special report (that I will publish as an extra course at and I will provide an overview of my findings as an executive briefing to you and your staff via webinar.

Ok, here is my “campground” tonight. My intention is to get a little reading in, and then go write up some things I’m already mulling over for tomorrow’s (really short) ride from Paonia to Crested Butte, Colorado.

Oh, hey, Thumbs Up!