Here we are in Buena Vista, Colorado. Sunset on Sunday night is accentuated by the fires, the smoke, the ash in the air to our west. Jodi drove, and I rode, the 80-some-odd miles from Cañon City, CO this morning. As we ended the day – after an incredible meal at a restaurant called Asian Palette – here’s what we saw.

As I gear up for Day 2 (map below), I’m filled with thoughts about what a wonderful ride Day 1 was; I was “on my bike” from 6am until 1:30pm. As mile after mile clicked by, I found myself thinking thoughts far and wide; admittedly many about the group of about 100 people who have decided to Get Momentum. So, take a look at what I’ll be riding during Day 2 of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, 2013…and then, I’ll share with you some of my insights from Day 1.

Before you read much further, I want you to consider, “When is the last time you did ‘one thing’ for close to 8 hours. And by one thing, I am thinking, “I pedaled my bike for about 8 hours on Sunday.”

So much of our lives are filled with the busy-ness of business. I hear it all the time from the people I work with. In fact, one of the compliments I receive regularly from members is that their membership fee is what makes it IMPORTANT ENOUGH to spend 2-3 hours each month thinking about their future.

You know, when Jodi and I got married, when we decided to quite our jobs (within 12 months of each other), and each of the 3 companies we’ve started together…we always spend time planning the ongoing project. Yes, we even talked (and still do talk) about planning our marriage. I remember reading once that people spend HOURS of their life planning a wedding and put the marriage into the category of “we hope it works out.”

Tell me, what is a project, event, goal that you need to spend time thinking more about once it’s implemented? If you’d like to hang out with a community dedicated to just that, please do yourself the great favor of joining

For any of you who have read my book, Your Best Just Got Better, you know I always suggest you “give yourself the gift of your own attention.” With 120+ five-star reviews from readers around the world, this book is proven to work… consider ordering a copy or two to give to the people you hope continue on the path to #Better.

Speaking of “finding your people,” look what I found (next picture) while I was hangin’ out at Aid Station 2 of the bike ride today! Ok, you might not be able to see, but that’s Hobbes; he’s wearing an 805 (Firestone Walker Brewery) jersey. As we rode along a bit later together, we shared stories of cycling the California coastline – I am planning another Pacific Coast Highway bike ride this September, you’re invited – and some of the mountains around San Luis Obispo, California.

I saw him behind me and lined the camera up to point at his jersey. Just at that moment he thought he’d “photo bomb” my picture by waving; little did he know I was taking a picture of him!

Ok, now on to the main theme of today’s ride: Significance of Story.

Story: a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale.

I’ve realized (go ahead, click on other menu options on the top of this webpage to let me know what YOU think) that I have NOT done an adequate job of “telling the story of The Jason Womack Company.” This little global company has grown over the past 7 years; I have spoken in 22 countries, given presentations in both English and Spanish, have met with political, business and community leaders, and have helped thousands of people achieve more.

Being productive, that’s just the beginning of the story. What would it be like if as you were sitting down to dinner with your family you could actually listen to what your son or daughter was saying? What if your spouse could count on you to be the best, most efficacious, most loving, kind and supportive person you could?

What if at the end of the day, every day of your life – weekend, work day, vacation day, even a sick day – you could look back and trust that you “did your very best?”

What I coach my clients in is NOT being taught in high school. I have spoken at large universities, even working with the MBA students, and the idea of “living, working, focusing and contributing at their 100%” is a foreign concept.

Oh, ya wanna know how I found out how important story is? (Just wait until you receive the next Womack Report – sign up in the sidebar for the 7-day class, and you’re automatically enrolled in the every-other-Tuesday mailing of The Womack Report)

I realized how I need to increase the story of our company by listening to Bruce Springsteen.

Last week I downloaded his “Greatest Hits” album; and today, through the speakers of my little iPhone in my back, right cycling jersey pocket, I had Bruce singing to me. And that’s when I realized his songs…they are stories; stories well told. Stories I can relate to. Stories I’m connected to. Stories I want to be a part of.

The ride today was a success; I had hours and hours to think, and dream, and plan, and forget. Talking to myself – both in my own head and occasionally out loud – gave me the opportunity to figure a few things out. Something truly amazing happens when I look out as far as I can see and see more roadway to ride…

Both in the morning (above) and in the afternoon (below) the roads were clear for us to ride.

And then, at the end of the day, we always get the opportunity to visit the town. (I think I told you already, we set up camp at the local high school – literally pitching our tents on any patch of grass we can find.)

So, as I was walking down Main St. here in Buena Vista, CO, I couldn’t resist; I simply had to ask Jodi to take this picture. (No, I didn’t climb all the way over. But, an hour later when I showed the owner of the bar this photo he laughed and offered to buy us a drink! He thought it was pretty funny…)

Ok, I’m on to Day 2. Is there something you’re workin’ on that you’d like me to think about? Look, I’ve got 91 miles, and Independence Pass to climb over, I’ve got to occupy my mind with SOMEthing.

If you’re short of things you could be thinking about, consider jumping over to watch this video. It may give you something BIG to think about.

Please, leave a comment in the box below; I’ll read it and respond in an upcoming Blog Post for you and others to read.