On the road again. Did Kenny Rogers ride a bike much? If so, I wonder if he ever thought about touring the United States of America on two wheels. If he did, I hope he would have joined a community like this one. As you’ll read in a bit, I’m a BIG fan of surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed, be bigger, experience more.

This – in fact – is the sole reason I began and continue to manage the www.GetMomentum.co community. If you’re looking for a group of like-minded people to help you achieve what is NEXT in your work or life, come on over!

Here we go again, this time I’m joining the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, in what they have named the Original Colorado Loop Tour.

Yes, just 7 days after finishing the 544-mile Ride the Rockies bike tour, I’m back at it again. This one will be a bit shorter; some 450 “or so” miles, as we do a big Figure 8 through the mountains. We easy in to it on Sunday, June 23rd, with an 86-mile route that will take us (hopefully) away from the Colorado wildfires.

Getting to Cañon City on Saturday afternoon it seemed like we entered a cloud forest; though the air was thick with smoke (even some ash floating down on our car) and the sun a bright red-orange color in the sky.

Meeting at the high school, setting up our campsite, and then checking me in (I’m wearing another wristband that means a whole bunch-a-lotta to the people who check.) For the next 18 hours or so, we’ll be surrounded by hundreds of our newest, closest friends.

Oh, you keep reading this post, and I’m using the word “we,” yes, Jodi is with me for a couple of days! No, she’s not riding, she’s driving the rental car, a great little Ford Focus we rented from Hertz, and meeting me at the high schools we’ll be camping at here in Cañon City, in Buena Vista and in Carbondale, Colorado.

We did make it in to “town;” this weekend the community celebrated with a white-water rafting series of events, beer garden, and concerts in the park. Oh, and a sign/warning/request that you just don’t see in our little town of Ojai.

After listening to a couple of live-played songs by local musicians and watching a couple of teams navigate the rapids of the river we made our way to a great little local brew pub. And, as luck/fate/fortune would have it, they had a few veggie and lighter-fare options for Jodi and I to share.

(Since 2008, Jodi has made the choice to eat in a vegetarian choice style, while I continue to order from “most of the menu” simply asking for portion control and lighter sauces and dressings. When I decided, in 2001, to change my eating, exercise and life-style, I’ve been able to take off, and keep off the 35-40 pounds I had gained in 4 years of teaching high school in Ojai, Ca. But, that’s another story…)

Over the next 6 days, early each morning I’ll jump on my Specialized Roubaix (after breakfast, and bringing Jodi a latte on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of course!) and ride the 80, 90 or 100 miles it takes to get to the next town. My intention, as I did in the last series of posts about Riding the Rocky Mountains by Bicycle, is to share a few of the things I learned along the way, while gearing up for, and thinking about, the next day.

Your comments – and questions, and riddles! – are welcome. If there’s something you’d like me to think about while I’m pedaling, pedaling, pedaling, let me know. More times than I can count I’ve come up with solutions to problems I barely knew I had while out on one of these long sojourns.

So, what’s on my mind for this “tour” of the tour?


Since launching the beta membership in January, and the formal program in April, nearly 100 people have chosen to spend up to 2 hours each month invested in their future. If you have not seen the video at www.GetMomentum.co, let me invite you over there now.

It will take 8 minutes; and, once you’re there, you just may decide that this community is for you.

Ok, I gotta get going; there are many miles to go before we sleep…