Recently, I spent another half-day work session with the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute. This was just a day after I spent a day in service to the F.R.E.I.N.D.S. and Fatherhood Program in the Bronx, New York City (of the Visiting Nurse Service-New York organization).

Those two experiences created enough notes, reflection and feedback to fill in more than 5 pages of my Moleskine notebook with ideas, possibilities and (two specific) projects.

What are you building?

This is a great question to get mentors to ask you…regularly.

Can you find someone to meet with you once a month for the next 5 months? That person who has “a little more” experience than you have, a bit more wisdom, and unique perspective on life/work/play/culture/future can offer you ideas and perhaps even push you toward a new direction; notice, I'm not saying toward a new destination, I'm thinking a new way of doing things that is going to move you along further…faster.

As an entrepreneur, I've been fortunate over the years to get some great counsel, sound ideas, and amazing feedback from mentors around the world. I hope that if there's something I could help you with you'll join and push to realize what it is you're building.