Being on the road means I have even less time to follow up on emails. I’ve set up keyboard shortcuts on my iPhone and use a similar application called TypeIt4Me on my laptop. Using keyboard shortcuts, two or three letter macros expand into words, sentences and even paragraphs to answer the most frequently asked questions I receive.

Here are just a few shortcuts I suggest you set up immediately:

em: email address (I haven’t typed those 22 characters in years!)
mo: my mobile phone #
tu: thank you
sig: your complete signature to add to the end of emails. (Consider making sig1, sig2, sig3 to have different levels of information to send as appropriate.)

I even have a keyboard shortcut — “nmp” — that auto-magically becomes a 374-word email with an article titled, “No More Procrastination.” (Email me if you’d like that article; just click on the “Contact” tab above and to the right!)

According to my computer stats, I’ve used 15,022 abbreviations, saving me a total of 2,853,202 keystrokes over the past five years. Even at one keystroke a second, that’s given me back “about” 790 hours of time.