When it comes time to use what you have, can you use what you have?


Last week, we spent 7 days in the mountain village of Beaver Creek, CO. During that time, we got to enjoy 3 days of skiing, several great meals, many fantastic conversations; I read a couple of books, and, of course, wrote some ideas in my journal.
Along the way, we met a few other vacationers, and got to share a few fun stories about where we live, where we travel, and what we like to do. There were two things that strike me as important to practice; whether you are in business or work as an employee. These two things, done well, may mean the difference between staying in touch with those you connect with…and not adding new people to your social network.

  • Take more pictures
  • Follow up that day
  • While walking through the village on Sunday, a man walked by me, and as he passed I said aloud, Mr. Crozier?
    Sure enough, Rick, a client of mine from New Orleans, had also arrived for a ski week. I took out my iphone and using the front facing camera I took a picture of us – happy as can be.
    Using an app (postgram) I turned that photo in to a post card, and had it shipped to him that day.

    Later that week, while enjoying a beer and s’mores (this mountain knows how to do it!) Jodi and I met a family of five, visiting from Glasgow. What an amazing series of conversations we had over the next 4 days! We even wound up skiing together one day.
    Anyway, during our initial conversation, the topics of education, technology and learning difficulties, my mind was racing.
    Later that night, I spent about 15 minutes collecting some of my favorite book titles, TED Talks, and learning programs. I emailed him that list of resources, along with a “nice to meet you” note. Well, our next three conversations (and our couple hours’ ski day together) were filled with more conversation along those, and related, lines.

    Here’s to a weekend of more opportunities to practice on the small things, so you’re ready for the big ones!