Are you as attached to your smartphone as I am?

I was at a conference recently and a speaker referred to our phones as our 79th organ. It’s a funny thought because I think it’s so true.

A client recently told me that for years she resisted getting a cell phone. She didn’t want to be that accessible. She was hesitant to make herself totally available. But fast forward fifteen years and she can’t imagine her life without her phone. She explained, “Some days I feel like it’s my brain. It is the one thing I won’t allow myself to leave home without.”

Our smartphones have become tools that we rely on.

Sometimes, though, I wonder if we have misdiagnosed what they do best. I’ve discussed before that I believe there are three types of conversations that we have almost every day.

  • We Manage Transactions
  • We Develop Relationships
  • We Handle Crisis

While I believe our smartphones might be useful for the second two types of conversation in a pinch, it presents certain limitations. There are just some interactions that are more productive face to face. While our device allows us to engage briefly with others, it isn’t a substitute for a coffee chat or time spent together. There’s nothing like a face to face conversation to really understand where a person is coming from and how best to support them.

However, if used appropriately a smartphone is an excellent transaction manager. Our phones allow us to provide answers to simple questions, search for information on the Internet, and share pictures and updates with our social media networks.

In fact, when we take advantage of our smartphone’s capabilities it can make managing transactions a whole lot easier.

One way I’ve done this is to create shortcuts in my phone to save me time and energy. How many times over the past week have different people asked a question that required you to type out the same 2 or 3 paragraphs of information? If you use a BlackBerry or iPhone, did you know that there is a way to avoid this? By creating auto text or a shortcut, your phone will allow you to type a keyword that will auto populate those paragraphs and save you the effort of typing them over and over again. If this sounds like a trick that might help you, check out my instructional videos (BlackBerry & iPhone) on You Tube.

How does your smartphone make your life easier?
What tips or tricks have you discovered to increase your productivity?

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