As the holiday season quickly approaches, are you prepared to get busier?

If you’re like me, as November and December draw near the calendar begins to fill up and your free time disappears. There are more obligations, more expectations, and even more deadlines to meet.

This year, why not give yourself a holiday gift a little bit early? Give yourself the gift of commitment to your own self-management. Prepare to navigate the season with organization, increased productivity, and peace of mind. With the proper tools you can head off the holiday chaos before it has a chance to develop.

Everyone has their own way of remembering and reminding themselves of important tasks. Some people make to-do lists. Some people add tasks to a calendar. Some people even leave themselves voicemails or send themselves emails. I can’t say that any of these is a right or wrong system.

The right system is the one you use with regularity and commitment. The wrong system is the one you mean to use but don’t often follow through with. If you’re working under the wrong system, change it. And I mean change it yesterday.

The right reminder system for you is one that is always available, perfectly convenient, and habit forming. The right reminder system should feel like second nature once it’s in place. The right system for you will only make your life easier and should never feel like one more thing to do.

Once you have the right system in place it’s imperative that you are checking on it with regularity. It doesn’t do any good to use a tool to record your commitments if you never revisit that tool. Consider a system with built-in reminders and notifications that will prompt you when a task is on the horizon. Make sure to choose a tool that is working even when you aren’t.

As the busy holiday season approaches, it’s important to embrace the paradox: The more you say yes to, and the more you write down, the more you’ll be able to say yes to! With the right self-management tool and a commitment to using it faithfully, you are likely to end 2012 with lots of holiday cheer.

What self-management tools work best for you?
How can you improve your system to prepare for the holidays?

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