How much of your day is actually lost time?

You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll undoubtedly hear me say it again: Each day we are given 1440 minutes. When we break those precious moments down into 15-minute productivity periods, we end up with just 96 blocks. Subtract the important hours to sleep, eat and exercise, and we just about cut that number in half before we even begin to get anything accomplished.

It’s an eye-opening realization, isn’t it?

Our time each day is incredibly limited. It’s no wonder that “I wish I had more time” has become a recognizable refrain.

Time is an absolutely precious and staggeringly limited resource that we cannot afford to waste.

So often we hear people struggling with self-diagnosed time management issues. But I would venture to say that what we most often consider time management issues are actually focus management issues.

In a technology-rich culture there are attention grabbers around every corner. Certainly we’ve all lost time to gadgets that were intended to save us time. Have you ever read a quick email that turned into a much longer project? Or what about when we take two minutes to look something up online only to find ourselves on a random rabbit trail an hour later?

How many of your precious 15-minute productivity blocks are lost each day?

I have an idea to help you get some back. Have you ever considered setting a timer? I’ve found that when I set a countdown timer and narrow my focus to one task, my productivity goes through the roof. There is no question that 15 minutes of my focused attention will yield a far better result than 30 or 60 minutes of my time spent multitasking.

The timer is such a simple but such a powerful tool. And most of us have access to one on our phone or handheld device. Let it work for you. Let it help you solve those focus management issues and eliminate some of that lost time.

Do you use a timer to help manage your productivity?
Would you give it a try?

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