Thinking and doing…two vital aspects of a productive work-day.

Thank you very much for attending the Mastering Workplace Performance program, in Greenbelt, MD. It was a pleasure and a joy to get to spend the day with you there just outside of Washington DC (still one of my favorite towns to visit of all time). Now, walking away from that program…what are you going to DO?

Implementation is key

For those of you who took a FREE copy of my book Your Best Just Got Better (I bought 60 books to give away during that seminar!) It’s time to ask you a favor: Will you please go to the Amazon .com website and order a copy or two for yourself? In fact, if you go there and buy copies of the book for your team, let me know. Next week I can come by (via conference call) and talk to up to 15 people for 15-30 minutes about the book!)

Did you get started with that Digital Dashboard information? 

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Here’s a short video I made for you, hope you enjoy! Continue reading if you’d like more ideas you can use right away.

Please tell me you’ve already called the # to hear the message I recorded especially for you: (562) 319-4102   
enter: IMS-VIP CODE:  122 And, now, if you’d like to see the Slide Deck from the presentation, as well as read a few more ideas I’ve got to share, just click the “continue…” link below. Thanks, again, for attending the workshop.

Productivity starts tonight

Wat you put in – what you see, what you hear, and the nutrition you consume – tonight will radically affect what you get done tomorrow. As an experiment (perhaps for 5 days?) consider watching very carefully just what does go in! Play around with watching/seeing, reading, hearing, talking about (and avoiding) certain topics in the hours before you go to sleep. Getting that rest you need, not just “lights-out” time, but actual, restorative, beneficial, deep sleep is going to be critical to your ability to get things done tomorrow.

Here are the slides that I based the presentation on last Tuesday. Feel free to click the arrow to the right to go “slide-by-slide.” You may consider having your copy of the seminar workbook – the one you took notes in – handy during this review.

Who do you know who?

This is one of my favorite “personal/professional development” questions to ask. The moment I’m working on something, I start a list of people I know – or know of – who I may be able to ask for help, advice, mentoring as I move from here to…there. Did you get a copy of my book? Good, go immediately to chapter 5.If there is ONE thing that I believe will affect your career in positive (or negative) ways, I believe it’s your Social Network. Not your social MEDIA network, I’m talkin’ the 5 people you’re planning to spend more time with this weekend.

Productivity Power

If you want to be as PRODUCTIVE as possible, consider experimenting with leaning on Page 14 from the workbook. Make agendas, and ask your team members to keep running agendas of things that they want to ask you about. If you can reduce by just 20% the NUMBER of interruptions during the day by INCREASING the quality of those interruptions, you just may notice an increase in productivity.

What about defining those words?

Before you go much further, I recommend you get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down your OWN definitions of the kinds of works you use to describe a “good day.” Start with the three words (or more) you underlined on page 4 of the workbook. I can tell you from personal experience that my life changed when I had solid, believable, and meaningful definitions for words like:

better productivity priorities leadership

Now, what else can I do for you? You’ve got my email and phone number; use them. If you email me a question or a prompt, I’ll add more to this web page. Let me know how I can help!