I appreciate you.

To all of you doing the good work, I am so proud and honored to (1) know you are doing what you do, and (2) have the opportunity to share this body of work with you.

As you head back to another day of meetings, events, phone calls and (of course) managing the flood of ideas and incoming information you have access to, it’s important to remember:

the three -ologies of productivity

How you think, how you plan, how you manage the “voice in your head.” If you review chapters 2, 4, and 7 of the book, Your Best Just Got Better, you’ll get several ideas about thinking differently, planning effectively, and using your mind to more efficiently get your work done.

Once you start thinking and planning, there is the next-level need to be able to communicate that thinking and planning with your colleagues, your direct reports and your boss(es). Understanding the impact of your “Social Network” (not your social MEDIA network) is critical if you’re going to get the most from those meetings and conversations. Chapters 5 and 10 of my book give you a lot of ideas on how to do that.

Once you start working together, managing long to-do lists and developing your thinking and planning skills, it’s going to be time to have to TRACK all of that in to systems you trust. Of course, when I talk about technology, I’m really just giving a name to your: tools, electronics, gear, systems…the “things” that make it easier to get your work done. For the “current” best information on corporate “technology”, do visit: www.OutlookDashboard.com or www.LotusNotesDashboard.com (if you know someone in that environment/ecosystem).

If you’d like to see the “slides” from the presentation, just click the line below that says “continue…”

As you go through the slides (just click the arrow to the right), it may help to have your copy of the workbook handy. In fact, I can recommend you review the workbook once a day for the next 5 days (back to that 5-day experiment thing!) as you’ll find some ideas there that you can use right away.

When there’s too much to do

One of the common themes in the Productivity Coaching discussions I’ve been a part of lately (for the past 12 years or so…) has been this realization that – in fact – there is too much to do. I think that it’s just about bad enough to where people are now realizing it’s time to do things differently. You see, until things are bad, there’s not need to change. What do I mean by “bad?”

– You’re not sleeping through the night
– You’re not eating healthy meals
– You’re not working on the Most Important Thingss
– You get to the end of the week, and wonder where your time went
– You get to the end of the weekend, and don’t feel rested enough to go to work on Monday

Now (and this is VERY important) you may NOT fit any of those descriptors – but, you know someone who does. A coworker? A spouse? A good, good friend? Why don’t you be a mentor to them? Buy them a copy of the book, Your Best Just Got Better, and embark on a 10-week conversation. Each week, read one chapter of the book, meet for lunch (or even a tea or latte) and chat about how they can work smarter, help themselves, stress less, and get more done.

If the above list DOES describe you, be sure to do the same; buy a book for a mentor, ask them to read it with you, meet and talk once a week.

(To my friends at the World Wildlife Fund, if you get 15 people together – have everyone buy a copy of the book – I’ll meet you via conference call a few times, as our schedules permit to make that possible.)

Where do you begin?

Perhaps the most popular question I receive…

My answer is: Start where you are. Perhaps go and read chapter ONE of the book. (If your copy is at home, or you don’t have one, simply go here to see that ENTIRE chapter for free online!) I will encourage you to review the workbook AND your notes from our time together. Chances are high that you wrote some things down that are meaningful to YOU. Make sure that you act on those items that you look at and say, “That’s a good idea!”

Begin by calling this number to listen to a message I left for you:
(562) 319-4102  VIP CODE 129

What could I have done better?

You’ve got my email address, and I left you my mobile phone # as well. Please email or call anytime. If there is something you’d like to know more about, if there is something I could have done better, if there is something you’d like to know more about…let me know!

Now, go think about what you have to do, do something you’re thinking about, and then think about how that went. (That’s my hat-tip to Peter Drucker! Look him up on Wikipeda, quite the “thinker-and-doer.”)