Thank you everyone for being a part of today.

Also, thank you for accepting a copy of my book, I am eternally grateful.

I don’t know how many friends you have that are authors; I hope to be someone you now consider part of your (read all about it in Chapter 5) Social Network. If you are short on time, and you have a significant and/or strategic need to “get better” in the next few months, I’d recommend starting with that chapter!

Now, as promised, I’m going to share a LOT of information here. Overall, I’d like you to know MY takeaway from today. In addition, I’ll share some of the survey results, PDFs and even videos that I’ve put together over the years…continue reading for much more information, and you can always email me for more!

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Now, first things first: To get started with 19 Ways To Maximize Microsoft® Outlook®, simply enter your name and email address here

Next, continue reading to see the “slide deck” from the presentation on Tuesday, August 14th.

I know many of you wanted to see that PDF – the 20 page booklet that I’m creating for Microsoft® Outlook® 2007. I’ll send that to each person, as you email me and request it. Or, alternatively, go ahead and fill in the form on this page and we’ll get that to you quickly!

Identify Your Own So That from Jason Womack on Vimeo.

Now, as you head back to your office, and you’re looking to implement these ideas, I will recommend you take ONE idea and practice with it for a full 5 days. Why 5 days? Easy; it’s an easy commitment, and…within that time frame you’ll have a really good idea IF you need to continue doing that productivity idea. A great place to start: The Microsoft® Outlook® Dashboard

When it comes to being as PRODUCTIVE as possible, there IS a topic we were not able to address completely in our time together. There are three significant factors to a well-managed day. I explain them in detail here, so when you have  few extra minutes (a 1% block of your day), feel free to play this video:

3 things that influence your productivity from Jason Womack on Vimeo.

There were several of you who mentioned how interesting those “speed keys” were. There is a lot of psychology/scientific literature out there right now really encourging us to “stay focused” through to the end of tasks. That’s what the speedkeys do. I think at times people think that I’m trying to simply “move across the keyboard quickly.” In reality, I’m trying to get to the next thing, to finish that, so that I can get to the NEXT thing. If you have any doubt or are curious by the way about the importance of “doing NOthing” as a part of your productivity plan, be sure to read Chapter 7 of Your Best Just Got Better. That’s where I go in to great detail explaining just what happens in our minds when, indeed, we try to do “NOthing.”

Ok, here is the Slide Deck for the presentation. Feel free to flip through (just click to the right, or left, of each slide to move through them) the slides AND, you can forward this whole page to anyone who you THINK might be interested. If they would like a PDF copy of the workbook, simply have them send me an email and I will send it their way.