Can you keep going, at the pace you’re going at?

Finishing a triathlon

When do you review your goals, your dreams…your motivators? If progress has slowed – or stalled – on any of the plans you’d set for 2012, here are 7 things to consider. I read them in a recent issue of a running magazine, the report comes from a survey of 3,535 respondents to a Runner’s World poll. Before I share the responses, I want to say: When you achieve a goal in one area of your life, other areas benefit as well.

Get Motivated

The question: “What motivates you?” As you review the top 7 answers, wonder what you could do this week to improve your pacing:

  • 30% Training for a race
  • 27% Staying healthy
  • 5% Getting outside

Get Educated

Just last weekend I listened to TWO audio programs featuring Dr. Amen. If you’re not familiar with him – or his work on why we must care for our brain – please see:

  1. YouTube speech: Change your brain, change your life
  2. Wikipedia page: Dr. Daniel Amen
  3. Article about stress and performance at work: Optimizing brain function

Now, we’re way past the 50% response rate, what did other people say?

  • 17% Controlling weight
  • 15% Relieving stress
  • 4% Being alone
  • 2% Running with friends

These are mental and physical benefits of adding a “fitness” goal to your planning for the next few months. (Here’s a video on achieving a goal you’ve set.) Whether you consider yourself an athlete, weekend warrior or “health-conscious,” focus on just one of the motivators listed above and ask yourself, “What do I want to work toward?”

Live On Purpose

Remember, when you practice in one area of your life, other areas benefit as well. Improve your fitness and you could improve your:

  • relationships
  • career
  • network
  • leadership skills