Is Your Best Getting Better?

Everything we admire in the world, champion sports teams, spectacular entertainment, amazing business successes, and individual accomplishments are all because someone wanted to get better at something.  And the question for everyone else has always been, “How did they do that?”

Thank you, Rex Williams, for this review of the book!

“In a world of constant multi-tasking and increased demands on our time that we either place on ourselves, or is placed on us by others, we crave some kind of magical time and space where the rest of the world just stops, so we can focus on getting things done and catch up.  Well, we’re not going to find that magical place where we stop the world, but we can, in essence, block out the rest of the world mentally, as we focus on our most important tasks.  Our job is to create our own time and space, and not wait for the world to give us permission, because frankly, it doesn’t care.

Staying focused on not only your everyday tasks, but on the direction of your life is the key to getting better.”

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