Here are some attributes of each kind of thinker:
1. Something big is about to happen, I need to finish “this” to have space (time and focus) for “that.”
2. This opportunity showed up as a result of something I started focusing on a week ago (or a month, or a year). I need I focus on something else so that a year from NOW there will be something even better on my desk. 
3. The bigger picture is what I’m drawing, and in that bigger picture, I’m going to be…bigger.
1. I am so busy with everything.
2. It is ALL a priority.
3. I will have more time tomorrow.
4. I don’t have time to focus on the bigger picture.

Are you ready? Pen, paper, and a timer set for 15 minutes. Here’s what I want you to write about:


“My ideal day would start with…”
And then, keep on going. Describe an ideal day, in graphic detail! 
In 15 minutes, you’ll hand write 300 words. Use this piece of paper as your “wake-up call” for the next week. Each morning read those 300 words an ask, “What can I do today to achieve more ideal days?”