I’ve been up since 4:17 (at least that’s what the bed-stand clock said). I’m running another 5-day experiment this week…

Sure, I’ve set the alarm to “wake me up” by a certain time every day. But, the trial I’ve got going is: “I’m getting out of bed when I wake up – no ‘wake up, turn over and go back to sleep’ for me – just for this week.”

I’m already finding a few things

M: ore

M: eaningful

M: e

First off, I’m getting a little bit more done. More of the good stuff. This week, early each morning, I’ve written some cards, read some of the book I’m currently in (The Singularity Is Near) drafted speaking points for a radio interview on my next book, and gotten to the gym 1 out of 5 days.

Second, I’m steeping (like a tea bag in water) in meaning. Spending time early in the day on what is important and ultimately significant to me has been fascinating. The key has been NOT to jump in to social media and email, and to focus in on those pre-defined MITs from last night.

Finally, this is my “me” time. Do you have some scheduled for this week?