I based this presentation on my latest book, Your Best Just Got Better (link below!). First of all, thank you to EVERyone for attending the sessions I presented on January 1th, 2012 at the Growth Strategies conference presented by UPS and Entrepreneur Magazine. One of my favorite Chris Brogan lines is here (Video).

For some more ideas about what you can do, to get MORE productivity out of your day, call  (562) 319-4102 (and then enter VIP code: 125 #). I hope you’ll listen to that message, and continue developing your own habits, ideas and goals for improving your business this year.

Ok, I promised a few things to you, and you can expect them to “land” here over the next few days. I know you’re busy consuming/digesting/talking about all the great ideas we heard and saw today. In the comment area below, please share your ONE big take-away from the conference. I can’t wait to read these ideas! To get you started, here’s the slide deck I built for you.

In the book, Your Best Just Got Better, I talk about the many ways that your best can get better. When you get your copy, consider start by reading the prologue (that’s an important piece) and then go straight to Chapter 5. Why Chapter 5?

That’s the chapter that I talk the most about identifying, building, maintaining AND developing your Social Network. Notice, I don’t say your social MEDIA network, I write about the significance of the people you spend time with – live AND online!

Here is the PDF handout I made for the Entrepreneur Growth Conference (<——– right click to download to your computer)

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope we can stay in touch! Best wishes for a GREAT new year…and beyond!

PS: Please do get a few copies of Your Best Just Got Better! Give copies to all your friends!