When you talk about where you’re going, is it in terms of:

1. Wishful thinking?

2. Could be possible.

3. I’m pretty sure I could get there.

4. There is no other choice. I will make this happen.

Grab it.jpg

Take this juvenile Bald Eagle, for example. I took these pictures from about 15 feet away, while we were living in Homer, Alaska. On the ground, a local was throwing fish this way and that, and the eagles were swooping in for some “fast food.” Here’s what I remember: If they caught it, they landed and ate the fish as fast as possible, only to take off again and find another one. If they missed it, their heads turned, their eyes focused, and then they went for the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

What I didn’t see:

– any eagles making fun of the other ones for missing a fish

– any eagles who missed a fish and walked away from the frenzy

– not a single one sit in one place and wait for a fish to land in front of it


Think about where you are going, and how you’re gonna get there. And then, rededicate yourself to making it happen.