Third quarter is over, 4th has just begun.

As I write this, 21 hours of this 3-month cycle have already gone by. How are you doing? When you think of the next few blocks of time (and, think about how you think about time: hours, days, weeks or…), what comes to mind?

Some observations I’ve made over the past week that I’ve been travelin’/workin’/livin’:

1) The world is, indeed, small. Barely 7 days ago I had just returned from Brussels, and I was getting ready for a triathlon in Carpinteria. During the two flights, with more than 13 hours in the air, I had the opportunity write about some of the things I’d seen, heard and learned while working in Europe for two weeks. One of the things that comes up again and again: Reach out, meet someone, and…stay in touch.

2) ABR: Always Be Ready. This is something I live by. Yesterday, I hiked the Grand Canyon, Rim-to-Rim, in one (long) day. At mile 22.5, at about 5:15pm, with just about 2 miles left to go, I took out my headlamp, fitted it onto my ball cap, and turned on the light. It was still sunny outside, but I figured, “If I’m gonna need this, I don’t want to have to go get it then…” On the top of the mountain, later, my friends (who were waiting for me there!) said, “As soon as we saw the guy with the lamp, before he needed it, we knew it was you!”

3) I’m writing this from a hotel room in Las Vegas, overlooking the craziness of “The Strip,” realizing there is a LOT more going on out in that great big world (see #1) than I can imagine. Just walking through casinos, sitting down to dinner at the restaurants, and sharing a conversation surrounded by hundreds (? thousands ?) of people is enough to get me thinking, “What’s next? What’s next?”

Stay tuned, ’cause more is coming!