For one of our clients with offices in countries around the world, I travel on-site and present a 3-hour course named: Productivity Through Technology.

During these 180 minutes, we focus on HOW you work, HOW you use your technology and HOW you can “free up” 10-30 minutes a day by using your tools differently.

I promise.

The client who wrote this asked me to write his name under the quote, but did say, “Anyone can call me…I’ll tell them about my experience.” If you think your team could use a a “free upgrade” (no new software, no new licenses) let me know.

“Managing my email has never been a persistent problem with me as I receive a manageable 100–150 emails a day, most of which need no response.  The time I typically spend managing my email has not been excessive.  But I want to say that working off of Jason Womack’s publication “Productivity Through Technology” and a 10 minute conversation has increased my productivity ten fold.  A few simple, easy to remember tips have helped me cut down on wasted time and effort considerably.  No longer do I attempt to complete one task, only to get distracted and forget to come back.  By utilizing superior technology skills, I am more productive, I waste little time, and finally I complete tasks on time, the right way.  Through the Search folders on Outlook, I never miss an important email.  I am a big believer in Womack’s ‘bottoms-up’ approach to time management.  Less time and effort wasted means more time working on new ideas for my clients to make money.”