The Next 180 Seconds

Sometime last week, I am sure you asked, “Where did the time go?” You’ve done the math, right? Every day you have 1,440 minutes…and sometimes they go by pretty quickly. When you ask yourself how you used them, managed them, or what you could have done differently, you’re looking the wrong way. Asking where the

What makes life worth living?

I’m concerned about something I’m hearing a lot more from my peers, my friends, and my coaching clients. In an almost habitual way, some people around me are bypassing “reality” and leaping forward, toward a future I’m afraid will surprise some of them. Or worse, does not turn out the way they’d assumed. Raise your

Episode 1 – Know your working styles

Everyone works a little bit differently. (You probably know “morning people” as the ones who are ready to go, go go!) There are three main working styles to know about: Kinesthetic, Visual and Auditory. Here are some tips you can use.

Leading From the Front (“Always On” Leadership)

BOOK REVIEW: Leadership From 30,000 Feet 5 Retired Generals Psychology/Sociology of Leading 2019 / 193 Pages Table of Contents/Organization Part 1 – Commitment Part 2 – Courage Part 3 – Competence Part 4 – Compassion Part 5 – Character Stand-Out Lines Page 31: “Committed leaders pledge themselves to the tasks at hand every day.” Page

Just 3 Questions to Ask Yourself (before you meet someone…)

What do you do to maximize meetings? You’ve been invited to a meeting three days from now. You’re not 100% sure WHY the leader or team wants you there, but you’re willing to attend and put your best foot forward. During the Course titled “Attend and Lead Effective Meetings,” we help leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and employees get

3 People to Share Dreams With Today

When you think about the future, what comes to mind? Do you start with work and go to life? Do you start with family and then go to career? Can you imagine your work/life a year from now? Can you “image-in” experiences you hope are on the way and (perhaps) even plausible surprises that could

Everyone is gonna eat.

Here’s my big ‘ol opinion: Sometime between 11am and 2pm everybody you work with is going to leave the desk for a meal. Whether they go to a fridge and get the lunch they brought or they leave the office for 30-60 minutes… For the next 6 months or so, make it your goal is

They Don’t Trust You (Yet)

People like to work with people they trust. They get more done. Faster. More efficiently. For a higher good. If you’re a leader, you might have an imposed expectation on yourself demanding you always be on, and you always have all the (right) answers. If you’re a parent, a spouse, or a friend, you might

How is your idea generation routine generating ideas?

Are you on the path to make your best better? If you are, in fact, how far along are you in that process? If you’re starting, or halfway there, or thinking you’ve made it…try this out: Findout a blank piece of paper, get a pen, and set a timer for 15 minutes. Yeah, just 15.

3 Things to Track for a more productive day – a webinar

For the first 12 people to reach out to me via email, I will send you the Webinar (a live, online conference) login and dial-in information for a special presentation that we’ll schedule in the next week or two. (The presentation will last 20 minutes, starting at 9:05, ending at 9:25, with time for Q&A.)