Executive Coaching

Ready to overcome the roadblocks to your workplace performance?

Effective and lasting leadership demands you balance your skills and interests with your time and your focus. Our Workplace Performance Executive Coaching programs provide you with specific examples and practical strategies to achieve your most important objectives and improve time management skills.

After working together, you will be more prepared to engage efficiently and effectively with your work, while up-leveling your scope of focus to succeed in this fast-paced culture.

Additionally, you will see how to maximize technology and other organizational tools as well as optimize your physical workspace. Each coaching program is uniquely designed over time to meet and exceed identified performance and productivity standards.

Identify the SYSTEMS and PROCESSES that make it possible to engage in the highest-value activities. Outline the skill-set and repeatable behaviors to enhance the mindset of effective workflow and practices of productivity.

Each segment of the coaching program incorporates discussion and individualized activities based on work style and personal preferences. We will debrief each process or activity, making room for more specific examples and a general question and answer period. The intention of each piece of the program is to provide ideas incorporated with implementation plans for organizational and performance success.

Successful Outcomes

Upon completion of this coaching program, you:

  • will identify specific strategies to maximize your attention, focus on priorities and effectively achieve goals;
  • will know how to more effectively use electronic platforms (computer programs [Microsoft Outlook, Gmail®, etc], PDA’s, iPhones, etc) to manage their commitments; and
  • will understand strategies to reduce work-related stress and enhance your life/work balance.


Helping a Vice President Emerge from Overwhelm to Work More Efficiently with his Team


Client Profile: Craig Sieber, Divisional Vice President
The Brickman Group, Ltd.

Craig Sieber is Divisional Vice President for The Brickman Group. Sieber manages operations for 13 branch offices as well as a team of regional managers and other direct reports.


Mastering Workplace Performance – Executive Coaching

Craig Sieber was experiencing overwhelm in managing the volume of information coming in everyday – which impacted his effectiveness in delegating and tracking projects among his team