Custom Programs

Productivity Through Technology

In this 4-hour course, Jason Womack shares his technology research and teaches 5-7 strategies to fundamentally improve your productivity using the existing technology the firm has provided to you. This course takes place in your computer lab.

Participants implement the techniques during class, so they return to their office with new systems ready to support their workflow. Jason shares tips and tricks to utilize email, mobile devices, web sites and corporate-wide supported computer applications. This hands-on workshop is customized to specifically train in he technology your organization is using: Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, etc. These tips are designed to give you between 20-60 minutes of extra productivity every day.

  • Utilize systems to create a daily dashboard (such as Outlook Dashboard) to more effectively manage information, ideas, tasks and projects.
  • Practice a “front-side” decision making process to maximize the functionality of Microsoft® Outlook® and BlackBerry®, spending less time reprocessing the same information throughout the day.
  • Install habits to manage: the inbox, outstanding tasks, ongoing projects, reference material and delegated items.
  • Create personalized tracking processes and systems to effectively manage work over a period of time.

This course focus on specific competencies:

  • Organizing
  • Managing and Measuring Work
  • Effective Delegation
  • Process Improvement
  • Utilizing Systems and Tools

Following this half-day session, each participant will:

  • Upgrade their use of existing technologies, getting more productivity without spending money on add-ons or installing new software (consider this a “free” upgrade);
  • Implement new habits to reduce the number of unfinished tasks and improve a general sense of organization of email, tasks, calendar items, etc.;
  • Design a customized Personal Information Management (PIM) system AND process to streamline workflow, delegated more effectively and prioritized the most important things;

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Keynote Presentations

A great keynote speaker can transform your event. Jason knows how to deliver on this promise. You need someone who will keep the energy high, give valuable information and be professional on stage. Jason works with you directly to customize the message for your audience. Part of his job is to make your life easier. He’s given hundreds of keynote presentations over his career.



Team Webinars

Do you have a team that works in different time zones and locations? Jason hosts global webinars for clients with dispersed staff. The webinars are live, with the core portion being full of content and time at the end for questions. The webinars are also recorded so you have access to the content for team members that miss it. Jason has the all of the technology to do the live video or voice-only calls.

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Video Training Modules

We have a dozen already recorded training videos available for your team. We also create custom videos if you have specific topics and skills you’d like addressed. These are bite sized learning modules that your staff can access at their convenience.


Helping a Results-Focused Team of 30 Executives Find More Time for Critical Projects


A Fortune 100 Company in the Financial Services Industry
Confidentiality Note: It is the practice of this client to remain anonymous when disclosing details of consulting engagements.

This client of The Jason Womack Company is a Fortune 100 Financial Services Industry company based in New York. Jason Womack provided one-on-one workplace performance coaching for more than 30 members of the executive team.


Mastering Workplace Performance – Executive Coaching

“In a day and age where we are bombarded with information, critical projects can become stalled by an ever-expanding list of things to do.”

This is how one Fortune 100 company views the importance of effective workplace performance and productivity. A spokesperson from the company, who hired Jason Womack to work one-onone with more than 30 senior-level executives, explains why, in this confidential client profile.