Corporate Seminars

The Mastering Workplace Performance seminars are designed to engage, inform and equip participants with the tools, mindset and practices to improve their productivity by 20% or more every day. Managing email, attending meetings, planning projects…these are all the types of work our clients say they need to do more effectively and more efficiently.

The seminars are designed to help get more of the right things done, faster and easier, using the tools and systems the participants have access to. This seminar can be scaled for your team of 10 or your annual meeting of 1,000. Audience size generally ranges in the 15-30 range. However, we have no minimum or maximum participant requirements. You are welcome to include as many participants as you’d like to make the most of your investment in the program. We have a flat daily fee, so there is no additional charge per attendee.

jason-speaking-bannerMany clients schedule quarterly Mastering Workplace Performance Seminars to incorporate best practices in the context of highly interactive workshops. These programs provide participants with practical strategies they can implement immediately. Our custom presentations enhance personal effectiveness for each individual to achieve objectives and implement time management skills and habits.

* Organizing projects and tasks to prioritize meetings, emails and professional goals;
* Effective teamwork and communication processes to improve workplace performance;
* Saving time through the application of front-side workflow processing.

Upon completion of these workshops, participants:
– will identify specific strategies to maximize attention, focus on priorities and effectively achieve goals;
– will know how to more effectively use paper and electronic organizing and information systems to manage their commitments; and
– will understand strategies to reduce work-related stress and enhance life/ work balance.

Seminar Outline
– Productivity assessment
– Overview of the Productivity Cycle
– Linking Focus, Gear and Workspace management to results.

Best practices:
Ability to Do Multiple Things Simultaneously
– Front-end decision making (work-related processing)
– Managing delegated tasks and outcomes
– Maximizing calendars and to-do lists
– Bunching tasks and outcome reminders to increase efficiency

Best practices:
Focus on Results
– Effective meeting management (using agendas and checklists)
– Eliminating “in-box” clutter (paper notes, E-mail, piles, etc)
– Identifying and implementing a weekly debrief/weekly review process

Best practices:
Performance Management
– Organizing appropriately throughout the day
– Identifying, understanding, and minimizing procrastination
– Identifying and monitoring productivity and performance habits
– Setting and achieving goals and measurable results
– Tools to add, gear to use


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Shaun Branon, Organizational Advancement Manager
The Timken Company

Shaun Branon is the Organizational Advancement Manager for The Timken Company. Branon is responsible for nine plants globally and 2,000 associates.


Mastering Workplace Performance – Executive Coaching

“Most of us here at Timken have lots of projects in motion, attend multiple meetings in a given day, and are getting 100 or more emails per day on top of it all. This can stress people out and hinder their performance. We need to help them solve that.”

The Timken Company turned to Jason Womack to help their team reflect and improve upon how they approach day-to-day work, and better leverage systems and processes to get more done with less stress.