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It’s time to work smart and think big. But how smart you work depends on how well you know yourself, how clear your goals are, and how well you’re using your time. By applying just a little focus to when you’re at your best, you can improve how you get things done. Make your best better, and make new things possible today.

A lot has been written about peak performance–the power of clarity, focusing on positive outcomes, time management, relationships, and mastering self-talk. Jason Womack is one of the very few that pulls it all together in a practical, actionable, and meaningful way. Your Best Just Got Better is a blueprint for finding true balance and meaning, and achieving your best in life and business.
Matthew Hately, VP Strategy, Macadamian
After working with Jason for the last ten years to help my teams achieve the next level of success and effectiveness, I was thrilled that his new book offers a unique perspective along with actionable strategies to maximize the impact you can have in your business, your community, and your life.
Russ Stalters, Director, Information & Data Management, British Petroleum
Jason’s ability to help people focus on the most important things is a game-changer for personal productivity. His ability to help de-clutter our thought processes and work with more intensity and intention is invaluable. Pick up this book. Read it. Digest it. Read it again. It could change your life.
Tony Wilson, CEO/Founder, Performance Coach to Australia’s leading athletes and executives


In Your Best Just Got Better, productivity expert Jason Womack shows you that working longer hours doesn’t make up for a flawed approach to productivity and performance. Workers need to clarify their habits, build mindset-based strategies, and be proactive. Womack’s signature workplace performance techniques offer specific strategies to consistently and incrementally improve performance. Learn how to maximize your four most limited resources—time, energy, focus, and productivity tools—to build solid and sustainable workflow habits.

Your Best Just Got Better will help you identify your role in making your best better. Through strategic, iterative change, you can become more effective and efficient at work and in life, making time for the things and the people you love.

“Excellent book, packed with great ideas…”
Dr. Rob (full book review from

“I must admit to being a long time fan of Jason’s approach to life and business. His idea of making “Your best, better” really resonates with me and I was interested to see how he would develop these ideas into this book. I was very impressed how Jason has synthesized all his ideas into a coherent whole, explained clearly and simply in this book. I’d highly recommend this book if you are at all interested in optimizing how you manage your time energy, focus and tools to take your performance in life up to the next level (and beyond).

Jason starts with a simple premise, but one that seems to be lacking in a lot of “time management books” and that is you need to identify your role in making your best better by identifying how you work, think and make things happen. Rather than giving you a list of things you must do, Jason provides pointers and guidance but then encourages you to identify and experiment with things that will work for you.

I’d recommend keeping pen & paper close at hand whilst working through this book, ideas and exercises pop up at regular intervals and working through them will really make a difference to the way you approach life and work.After reading this book and experimenting with the ideas Jason develops in this book I have already made some significant improvements in the way I manage by time and activities during the day and I feel I am certainly making my best better.”

“More than just a book – it’s a journey of improvement – A must read.”
Victoria Megginson (full book review from
“I’ve read many books on productivity and self improvement. Some great, some not so great. This book was brilliant.

Most books leave me feeling like I need to start a whole new system to make any changes – not the most productive way in my mind! This book is different – it takes you from where you are today and gives you principles and ideas for making changes straight away. It’s not about subscribing to a way of working, it’s taking how you work and looking at it with a new perspective and a new philosophy.

The book is really well written, with real life examples and exercises for you to reflect on as you go through each chapter. I was scribbling away and really taking time to review how I organize my day and work.

There are some great concepts – realizing how much time we have in a day and what that means – 96 chunks of 15 mins – really helps you focus on how you spend your time. Always Be Ready – I now have a list of things that I can do if a window of time opens up – now I don’t see a delay as a problem, but an opportunity to gain some time on my tasks. Focus – not only on what you are doing, but also what you won’t be doing.

There are also a whole lot of resources to support the book – a really comprehensive website, some fantastic podcasts (bite size chunks – taking concepts from the book and bringing them to life) and a weekly email.

The book feels really interactive. It has some great chapters on networking and mentoring and asks you to look at the team around you and make those key connections. There are many points in the book and the podcasts when Jason asks people to get involved. I dropped Jason an email on a topic and I got an email reply and a call – really inspiring.

This is more than just a one read book – it has really opened up a journey of improvement. A must read – well worth your time and investment.