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The Productivity Pack is the essential tool kit to helping you get to the next level of productivity.
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  • 15 Tips for Time Management DVD with workbook: 15 practical ways to be more productive every day ($125 Value)
  • The Promise Doctrine Paperback book: a strategic planning guide for work and life ($19.95 Value )
  • Building Your Personal Excellence Audio CD: 11 tips to work smarter and more efficiently ($30 Value )
  • 20 Time Management Tips Audio CD: more ways to save even more time every day ($30 Value )

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Analyze your strengths and find clarity in what to spend your time on, and what you must delegate or get rid of! This works even if you don’t have staff.
Time Management
Learn new techniques that – finally – allow you to manage your time better and get more of the right things done! Learn the secret of finding “lost” time.
Practice makes “normal.” Learn how to practice on the “small” things, so you’re ready to perform on the BIG things. Apply these insights become a master.
Keep your Promises
Learn how to implement a system that helps you keep your promises. Promises to your company, your family and yourself. It’s important and you can do it.
Tech Tips
Learn strategies to make your technology work for you, instead of the other way around. Stay in charge with your gear!
Maximize Your Day
Learn 15 new ways to maximize your day and get at least 15 minutes back everyday, for what matters most to you.

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