Share YOUR Ideal Day

I want to make one reader’s Ideal Day a reality!


WIN Your Ideal Day

The winners will receive the funds (cash prize!) to get them “as close to their ideal day as we can*!”

The deadlines for the competition are:

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30
  • December 31

The competition is open to people who commit to the steps below.

Judges Panel

  • Jason Womack – Author, Your Best Just Got Better
  • Joe Bruzzese – Founder of
  • Jodi Womack – Founder –


  • Is the entry between 200-300 words?
  • Does the entry “read” as if it will move you in a positive, new, proactive direction?
  • Is there suitability that you will achieve success? (focused on the experience, physically able to participate fully, etc.)


  • First Prize (one per quarter):
    Someone will win the funding they need to go out and experience their Ideal Day!

* My goal is to fund the winner’s Ideal Day at 100%; work with me here!

Here’s how you can win:

  1. DOWNLOAD —> Chapter 1: Your Best Just Got Better to learn more about the Ideal Day concept.
  2. Write out an Ideal Day. Looking for inspiration? Download the first chapter of the book.
  3. Share Your Ideal Day: on your website, in your hometown newspaper, on the evening news. Talk it up!
  4. Send us the link so we can read, review AND promote it!
  5. Invite your blogger friends to write their Ideal Day.


*The CASH prize will be up to $150 toward your ideal day.