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Charlotte, Author of “The Daily Snapshot,” writes her Ideal Day:

I wake up at the perfect time.  Not too early, not too late.  Enough time that I don’t feel rushed, but not so much that I’ve wasted the day away.

I roll over and snuggle up next to Jordan.  Soon though, I have to leave him with a quick kiss, because I have a spa appointment to keep.  I love getting my nails painted, and it’s a bit of pampering I don’t do often enough.

After getting dolled up, I head back to the B&B we’re staying at to join Jordan for a gourmet brunch.  Brunch is the best meal of the day; you simply cannot improve a breakfast/lunch combination.

Jordan and I hop in the car and head over to our first activity of the day: a winery tour.  We enjoy sampling the varieties, learning more about the craft, munching on the snacks provided and taking a walking tour of the grounds.  We buy several bottles to enjoy at home, in remembrance of our trip.

We drive to a nearby town, and take some time to stroll along the downtown streets.  We pop in and out of shops, taking our time to enjoy each other’s company and our new surroundings.  We stumble upon a sushi restaurant, which is perfect for dinner, before getting back into the car to head up to the mountains.

As dusk begins to fall, Jordan and I take a hike up the rolling hills, at the foot of the mountains.  We know our destination; soon, the paths are becoming fuller as others join in.  We file up to the ticket booth, and into the outdoor theater.  Jordan and I settle in our seats to watch a performance of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”.  The actors are terrific and the setting couldn’t be beat.  The overhead lights flicker on as night truly settles in the mountains.  During our hike back down, the footpaths are lit by lanterns.

Jordan and I sleepily stumble back to our room and gratefully crawl under the covers, knowing that this day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Jennifer Davis writes her Ideal Day:

The sun is peering through the crack in the blinds, I can feel the warmth hitting my face. I am not quite ready to get out of bed so I bury myself a little deeper in my blankets, and let the sun heat the air. I can hear movement in the kitchen and realize Aaron is no longer in bed. A quiet creaking begins and the door to the bedroom is opening, I am overtaken by the comforting scent of hot coffee, banana pancakes, and the new Oprah magazine. Aaron places the tray with breakfast in front of me, softly kisses me on the forehead and returns to the living room to read. I eat and drink slowly savoring every bite, while flipping through pages filled with inspiring words. As I finish the last bite I try to decide what the day holds. The air has been cool lately so I throw on leggings, boots, a long sweater, and a cute scarf. As I walk out to the living room I decide one more cup of coffee is needed, I make a fresh pot of pumpkin spiced coffee and pour two cups. I convince Aaron to join me on the porch and we sit side by side attempting the mornings crossword puzzle. I am distracted by the bright leaves falling from the trees and covering the grass below. The air has the crisp Autumn breeze and is filled with color. As we watch the leaves fall we talk about how awful we are at the crossword puzzle, we talk about our jobs and how much we love what we do, we talk about traveling and what the future holds for us. He leans over kisses my cheek and I slowly rest my head on his shoulder taking in the moment and the scenery; our porch overlooks the mountains and is set back in a quiet scenic area.

Noelle Schwantes shares her Ideal Day:

It is quiet in my soul as I look out over the room of thousands of women.  They are talking over fantastic music and milling around until the final program starts.  The room is elegantly decorated with pink, gray, and pearls.  It’s been an incredible weekend of speakers and giving.  The music was fantastic and the small groups added to the power of connection between the women who have attended.  It was expensive because it was excellent in every area, but scholarships made it possible for all women who wished to attend, to be able to do so.

The final program is simply to give as many of them as possible the chance to share what has happened to them because of attending the String of Pearls conference.  Some of them share the difference that Mannatech products have made for them, others a course that was recommended by one of our team members.  Thousands of women share how they were trapped and now they’re free.  Free financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  As the program begins the MC welcomes women one at at time and the line to speak snakes around the room.

Molly Page writes her Ideal Day:

I wake up in our enormous bed happily smothered by fluffy pillows. I can’t help but smile at the handsome hubby as he blissfully snores in his sleep. I’m feeling well rested. Years of practice have taught me how to sleep right through all his ruckus and wake up feeling refreshed. It’s a crisp morning in Chicago so I sneak out and start the day with a run. I run not because I have to and not because I’m training for anything in particular. I run because I love it. Running is a regular and cherished part of my day.

Joshua Millage writes about his Ideal Day:

My ideal would be getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Waking up around 6 am and making a cup of coffee, and a few hard boiled eggs. I would meditate, read some of  my devotions and maybe a piece of a good book. Then heading out of a CrossFit workout.

After CrossFit I would have a Paleo breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage and avocado, and go shower up.

I would get ready for my day and head to a nice coffee shop. I would arrive at the coffee shop around 9:30 and sit down to start my work. I would start by writing for at least one hour. At 10:30 I would start working on the income generating projects. My mind would be primed for this work and I would be excited to do it because of the productivity that I would have seen in the morning.

I would work hard (with no distractions) for a few hours and around 12:30-1pm I would go for a lunch. Hopefully I would be able to eat a nice chicken salad or something that doesn’t weigh me down. I would come back to work around 2pm and push till 6pm on those income generating projects. I would stop work at 6pm and have a nice dinner with my girlfriend. After dinner I would end the day by doing some more reading and getting creative in my notebook or maybe learning.

This is my ideal day. Things that add a turbo boost to this day is by helping someone with something,  doing public speaking, giving back, mentoring, or meeting someone really cool.

The interesting thing is that my productivity band is around 6 hours. Any “income” generating work outside of that time starts to hit my threshold of diminishing returns and my workout put in terms of quality dramatically decreases. I like to be conscious of that productivity band and I would love to learn how to increase it.

Thayne Whipple writes his Ideal Day: Exhilaration

My ideal day would include:
– a walk through nature (mountains or beach)
– a meal with my family
– a new idea
– overcoming a professional challenge
– sitting around a campfire

Alicia Kuehl writes her Ideal Day:

Funny. I’m sitting in my chair in my office after reading about this contest and as I looked up to think about my ideal day… there’s my family hanging up on my clothes line picture frame board.

I am the oldest, came from a small town, first in my family to go away to college, first to make six figures, and first to leave six figures (and all its “glory” that can go along with it) to meet my dream of staring my own business, HEELS. A women’s empowerment company offering one-to-one coaching services, trainings and speaking engagements for women seeking greater life and professional fulfillment.

As I sit here and think about my ideal day it makes me realize how far I’ve come, who I was and who I am now. It makes me also realize that I’m capable of accomplishing anything. An ideal day makes you realize what a bad day is and to strive towards more good days. And more importantly, WHY they are important.

Becky Robinson writes her Ideal Day:

The day begins with me slipping out of bed, pulling on a  sweatshirt over my pajamas, and heading downstairs to my favorite chair. I grab my laptop and a fuzzy blanket and sit in the dark. The house is quiet and it’s so dark that I can’t see anything outside except the shadows of trees in our backyard. I interact with friends on Twitter for a few minutes, as I wake, and then I start to write. For about an hour, it’s this: darkness and quiet except for the sound of my fingers clicking across the keys. As the sky begins to lighten, I hear the sound of my daughters, one by one, coming down the stairs. I save my writing as a draft and close my laptop, setting it aside.

I greet each girl with a hug and we cram into my chair for a snuggle under the blanket. We talk and laugh, share “I love yous.” By now, it’s light and I can hear their tummies grumbling. We all hang out in the kitchen while I make breakfast. Today it’s pancakes, strawberries, bacon, and orange juice that I pour into a glass pitcher. It’s warm, and sun is pouring across the deck. One daughter grabs a broom to sweep off leaves and sticks while another sets the table for breakfast outside. When they’re done, they cut some fresh flowers for the table from our garden and put them into a vase on the table.

My littlest girl sticks close to me in the kitchen. I lift her up so she can sprinkle chocolate chips into the pancakes. When she’s done, she turns to me and squeezes me tightly. Music is playing on my iPod and we sing along.

We all head outside to the deck to eat.