Where’s Womack?

December 2014

December 1-5 – Ojai, CA Planning 2015 Coaching Program (LINK here)DSC_0196
December 6-7 – Novato, CA Family time (among my MITs…Click here)
December 8-14 - New York City, NY Executive Coaching / Leadership Seminars (LINK here)
December 17 - The World Wide Web Presenting the GetMomentum.co “Town Hall” webinar - Monthly THEME: “TBD.”

November 2014

November 3 - Kansas City, KS Seminar for Mercy Children’s Hospital (LINK here)
November 3 - Kansas City, KS OPEN for meetings with your leadership team (click CONTACT)
November 11-14 - New York City, NY Coaching / Seminars (LINK here)
November 19 - The World Wide Web Presenting the GetMomentum.co “Town Hall” webinar -  THEME: “Building Community (Before You Need It).”
November 22-27 - Singapore Meetings and one seminar for a private client

Grand Canyon shutterstock_126017846October 2014

October 2 – Thousand Oaks, CA Mastering Workplace Performance Seminar (LINK here)
October 7Dallas, TX Executive Productivity and OrganizationSeminar (LINK here)
October 9 - World Wide Web GetMomentum.co “Town Hall” - “Building Better Habits.”
October 14-21 – New York City, NY Executive Coaching / Productivity Seminars (LINK here)
October 22-25 – Camden, ME Attending the PopTech.org conference
October 27Manchester, NH Workshop based on www.PopTECH.org and the “Future of Work”
October 28 – Irvine, CA Community seminar for COX Communications.RSVP here!
October 30Santa Barbara, CA Community seminar for COX Communications. RSVP here.

September 2014

September 1-6 - New York City, NY Coaching / Seminars w/ Get Momentum members
September 8-10 - Orlando, FL Speaking at the Barron’s annual event (LINK here)
September 11-15 - Ojai, CA Get Momentum: Ojai Leadership Retreat (Join here)
September 16 Online, EARTH Get Momentum town hall (9am PST) (LINK here)DSC02032
September 17-19 - Marin County, CA Speaking for the Cal Fire Fighting foundation (LINK here)
September 24-27 – Grand Canyon, AZ On Friday, the 26th, we hike “rim to rim” You’re invited! (LINK here)

August 2014

August 1-3 – Rogue River, OR Rafting the Rogue! (Vacation! See you there?)
August 5-8 – New York City, NY Leadership Workshops for private clients (LINK here)
August 7 - New York City, NY #CoffeeChat at Sweet Revenge
August 24 – Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Triathlon
August 9-31 – Ojai, CA 

July 2014

July 1-6 – Ojai, CA Home celebrating our 15th anniversary! (thanks @JodiWomack!)
July 7-13 – Portland, OR Attending the WDS conference (LINK here)NYCTri3
July 11 - Portland, OR #CoffeeChat at Public Domain Coffee
July 14-16 – New York City, NY Presenting at a Leadership Development workshop (LINK here)
July 16 - New York City, NY #CoffeeChat at Sweet Revenge
July 17-19 – Palm Springs, CA Facilitating a workshop for entrepreneurs
July 20-28 – Ojai, CA A couple bike rides, some new articles, and 3 new podcast episodes!
July 29-30 – Houston, TX Facilitating a workshop for staff and doctors at MD Anderson
July 30 – Houston, TX
Book signing/Happy Hour at the Houston Marriott Medical Center
                                                Meet at the Paladora Lounge at 7-ish PM


June 2014

baseballJune 1-8 – New York City , NY Leadership Workshops for private clients (LINK here)
June 7New York City #CoffeeChat (www.CoffeeWithWomack.com)
June 9-19 - Ojai, CA We’re home in Ojai! (Check in at www.CoffeeWithWomack.com)
June 15  - Ojai, CA #CoffeeChat at the Ojai Coffee Roasting Company
June 19 – Ventura, CA Chamber Economic Outlook Breakfast (LINK here)
June 20-23 – Morelia, Mexico See the invitation here (LINK here)
June 24-27 – Cleveland, Ohio Presenting for the Institute of Management Studies (LINK here)
June 28 – San Ramon, CA Leadership in the 21st century (public event, LINK here)
June 29 – Novato, CA #CoffeeChat at Rustic Bakery

May 2014

photoMay 2-4 – Paso Robles, CA Wildflower Triathlon: my 10th showing at this event!
May 5-7 – Ojai, CA We’ll probably schedule a coffee chat! (www.CoffeeWithWomack.com)
May 8-19 – New York, NY Leadership Workshops for private clients
May 12 – New York, NY coffee chat in NYC (www.CoffeeWithWomack.com)
May 20-22 – Providence, RI Leadership Workshops for private clients
May 23-24 – San Francisco, CA Advising/Leadership Roundtable discussion
May 25-31- Ojai, CA Bike Riding, Hiking, Thinking and Reading (some down time!)

April 2014

April 4-13 – Bali Executive Coaching: “The Productive Leader Coaching Series” (Click here…)Ojai
April 15-16 – Hong Kong Leadership Workshop for private client
April 19-21 – Ojai, CA a little down time…
April 22-26 – Phoenix, AZ Attending and hosting meetings at InfusionCon conference
April 27-30 – Ojai, CA We’ll probably schedule a coffee chat!

March 2014

March 3, 4, 7 – New York City, NY Executive Coaching: “The Productive Leader Coaching Series” (Private clients)
March 6 – New York City, NY Morning #coffeechat (link here…)
March 6 – New York City, NY Attending a conference: “The Smart Phone: What should it do? What can’t it ever do?”
March 8 – New York City, NY Morning #coffeechat (link here…)
March 12 – Los Angeles, CA New Media Marketing speech at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
March 13 – Ventura, CA Chamber of Commerce (link here…)
March 16-22 – Whistler, Canada we’re attending the TED.com conference!
March 25 – San Diego, CA Future of Tech program with COX Cable
March 27 – Kansas City, CA Institute for Management Studies workshop (link here…)
March 28 – Omaha, NE “Arenas for Modern Leadership” workshop (link here…)
March 31 - online/worldwide GetMomentum Global Webinar town hall meeting (information here)

February 2014

February 7-8 – Ojai, CAGET MOMENTUM: Winter Leadership Retreat for www.GetMomentum.co members
(15 person MAX; plan to arrive Feb 6 and depart on Feb 9)
February 9 – Ojai, CA Morning coffee chat in Ojai TBA (link here…)
February 18 Global Town Hall, Internet “Resilince: How to Build It.” GET MOMENTUM Town Hall (click for info)
February 21 Santa Barbara, CA “Skills the Knowledge Worker Needs in the 21st Century.”
Presentation for the SB School District
February 22 Los Angeles, CA Morning coffee chat in Los Angeles TBA (link here…)
February 22 Los Angeles, CA “You, Your Network, Your Opportunities, Your Future”
Presentation for YPO
February 24-25 Michigan: Executive Coaching with GET MOMENTUM Member.
February 27 Sonoma, CA: “Focus and the Future of Workplace Performance.” (Private Workshop)

January 2014

January 1Ojai , CA Semi-annual “New Year, Better Year” 10K run
January 10Ojai , CA #CoffeeChat at Coffee Connection (link here)
January 14Watsonville, CA Speaking for the City of Watsonville (link here)
January 17Novato, CA #CoffeeChat at Rustic Bakery ((link here…))
January 21San Francisco, CA #CoffeeChat at Starbucks (link here…)
January 21San Francisco, CA “Future of Work: Implications of Applying Futuristic Technology” (Private Workshop)
January 23Global Town Hall, Internet “Success: How to achieve it” GET MOMENTUM Town Hall meeting (click for info)

December 2013

December 2 Seattle, WA #CoffeeChat link here (@Caffe Senso Unico)
December 3 Seattle, WA
Speaking for Institute for Management Studies (link here)
December 4 Seattle, WA Speaking for the Boeing Leadership Program on the book
December 5 Los Angeles, CA Speaking for Institute for Management Studies (link here)
December 7 Minneapolis, MN Speaking at a University MBA program
December 9-13 New York City, NY Speaking/Facilitating private workshops
December 12 New York City, NY #CoffeeChat link here (@Ellary’s Greens)
December 14, New York City, NY #CoffeeChat link here (@Prodigy Coffee)
December 16 Novato, CA #CoffeeChat link here (@Rustic Bakery)


December 17 San Francisco, CA Presenting a workshop for a fav company of all time: Genentech!
December 19th The World Wide Web December’s “Town Hall” meeting for Get Momentum (Enroll now!)

November 2013

November 1-6 Ojai, CA our monthly “staff meeting” here to discuss new stuff coming at GetMomentum
November 7-10 Zurich, Switzerland (a #CoffeeChat on the 9th…you’re invited!)
November 11 Vaduz, Principality of LiechtensteinPrivate leadership workshop for the CEO and executive team
November 12 Zurich, SwitzerlandPrivate seminar for a global investment bank
November 14 Woodbridge, NJ – Public seminar for members of the Institute for Management Studies (link here…)
November 15 New York City, NYPrivate seminar for a global investment bank
November 18 New York City, NYPrivate seminar for a global investment bank
November 19 New York City, NYMentoring workshop
November 20 Ojai, CA Monthly GetMomentum “Town Hall” meeting (register now!)
November 23 Oakland, CA (Going to a Raiders football game with my Dad!!!)
November 24-30 (most likely) Ojai, CA

October 2013

October 1-3 Brussels, Belgium Public Workshop for the Institute for Management Studies (link here)
October 4-6 Edinburgh, Scotland Public Workshop for the Institute for Management Studies (link here)
October 5 Edinburgh, #CoffeeChat link here
October 8 London, England Public Workshop for the Institute for Management Studies (link here)
October 10 New york, NY Private workshop (link here)
October 11 New york, NY #CoffeeChat link here
October 12-14 Marin County, CA for my granma’s Celebration of Life event (post here)
October 15-16 San Francisco, CA Presenting for CreativeLive.com (enroll for free here)
October 17-20 Savannah, Georgia: attending the WWII 100th Bomber Reunion
October 23 New York City, NY Private workshop (link here)
October 24 New York City, client advising (Platinum Member: GetMomentum.co)
October 25 New York City, #CoffeeChat (free; open to all! Link here…)
October 25-27 St. Louis, MO Speaking for BAM (Link here…)
October 28 Cincinnati, OH Speaking for Institute for Management Studies (link here)
October 29-31 Ojai, CA

September 2013 

September 1-5 New York City, NY
September 6-14 Ojai, CA
September 15-22 New York City, NYGrand Canyon 2
September 16 #CoffeeChat (link here) w/ special guest Joe Bruzesse (founder of Sprigeo)
September 17 Managing Challenging Projects workshop (link here)
September 17 Small Biz Big Things (link here) even with Seth Godin [50% off code] September 19 How Authors, Coaches & Speakers Can Take their Business To The Next Level (link here)
September 25-29 Grand Canyon, Arizona. Annual Rim to Rim Hike (you’re invited in 2014!)

 August 2013

August 1-3 Ojai, CA
August 4-6 New York City, NY – client seminars
August 5 New York City, #CoffeeChat link here
August 7-11 Phoenix, AZ – client meetings
August 12 Ojai, CA

August 13 and 15 Orange County and Santa Barbara County – presentations for COX Blue
August 16-31 Mammoth Lakes, CA
August 30 Mammoth Lakes, #CoffeeChat link here

July 2013


July 1-4 Ojai, CA (on the 4th, Jodi and I celebrate anniversary #14!)
July 5-7 Portland, OR
July 8-10 New York City – client seminars
July 10 New York City – I’m attending the NY Tech Meetup info here
July 11 New York City #CoffeeChat – info here
July 12-13 Ojai, CA
July 14-18 St. Louis, MO – client seminars
July 19 New York City, NY – client seminar (afternoon)
July 19 New York City, NY – #CoffeeChat – info here (morning)
July 20-22 Marin County/San Francisco (#CoffeeChat in Marin – info here)
July 23-31 Ojai, CA

June 2013

June 1 #CoffeeChat in NYC (info here)
June 1-2 Yankees vs. Red Sox baseball games in New York!
June 3 GetMomentum.co meetings in NYC
June 4, 5, 6 Seminars in NYC (private client workshops)
June 7 New York to Colorado
June 8-15 Ride the Rockies 513 miles of riding Colorado
June 16-22 Breckenridge, CO – planning a #CoffeeChat (info here)
June 23-29 Bicycle Tour of Colorado – 438 miles of riding Colorado
June 30 to Ojai!

May 2013

May 1-2 Ojai, CA
May 3-5 Paso Robles, CA – Wildflower Triathlon
May 6-7 Ojai, CA
May 8 Seminars in San Francisco, CA
May 9-10 Seminars in Seal Beach, CA
May 11-18 Ojai, CA
May 19-23 Seminars in Zurich, Switzerland
May 24-27 Ojai, CA
May 28-31 Marin County, CA
May 30th #CoffeeChat in Marin County

April 2013

April 1-7 Ojai
April 4th #CoffeeChat in Ventura, CA
April 6 Keynote at Ojai WordFast
April 6 Presenting workshop at Ojai WordFest
April 7-12 Seminars in New York City, NY
April 12 #CoffeeChat in New York City
April 13-14 White Plains, NY
April 15-18 Seminars in New York City, NY
April 19-23 Ojai, CA
April 24-26 Seminar in St. Louis, MO
April 26-30 Ojai, CA

March 2013

March 1 TEDActive Conference
March 4 Philadelphia, PA Institute for Management Studies daylong workshop
March 7 Toronto, Canada Institute for Management Studies daylong workshop
March 8 Austin, TX South by Southwest Conference
March 13-14 New York City, NY Mastering Workplace Performance seminars (private clients)
March 15 Andes, NY Andes Central School Speaking for the senior class, faculty and community of Andes
March 18-23 Ojai, CA
March 25 New York City, NY Leadership Development w/ the Frances Hesselbein Institute
March 26 Mastering Workplace Performance seminar (private client)
March 28-31 Phoenix, AZ Infusionsoft conference

February 2013

February 1-2 Lake Tahoe, CA
February 3-8 Ojai, CA
February 9-16 Beaver Creek, CO
February 17-22 Ojai, CA
February 21 Ventura, CA – public seminar, “Your Best Just Got Better
February 23-28 Palm Springs, CA – TEDActive Conference

January 2013

January 1-2 Marin County, CA
January 3-26 Ojai, CA
January 27-28 Marin County, CA
January 29-30 Silicon Valley, CA
January 31 UC Berkeley – public seminar, “Mastering Workplace Performance

December 2012

December 1 Ojai, CA
December 2-4 St. Louis, MO – private client seminars
December 5-6 Kansas City, KS – private client seminars
December 7-9 Raleigh, NC – private client seminars
December 10-18 New York City, NYC – private client seminars
December 19-23 Ojai, CA
December 24-28 Mammoth Lakes, CA
December 29-31 Marin County, CA

November 2012

November 1-3   Ojai, CA
November 5-7   Zurich, Switzerland
November 9   New York City, NY
November 12   Birmingham, AL
November 13   Atlanta, GA
November 15   Charlotte, NC
November 17-20   Ojai, CA
November 21-24   Novato, CA
November 25-27   Ojai, CA
November 28-29   Seal Beach, CA
November 30   Ojai, CA

October 2012

October 1-2 Ojai, CA
October 3 Phoenix, AZ – Speaking at the Inc. 500 Conference —> LINK here
October 5 Phoenix, AZ – Speaking AGAIN at the Inc. 500 Conference —> LINK here
October 6-8 Ojai, CA
October 10 – Ventura, CA – Speaking at the Association of Fundraising Professionals
October 11-13 Ojai, CA
October 15 New York City – Speaking at WeWork Labs in NYC  –> Sign Up Here
October 16 New York City – on-site leadership program for clients –> INFO here
October 16 New York City – Leader of the Future award ceremony –> LOOK here
October 17-18 New York City – on-site leadership programs for clients –> INFO here
October 19-20 St. Louis, MO – Association of Personal Historians —> MORE here
October 22 Boulder, CO – #CoffeeChat  —> INFO here; and a MeetUp —> LINK here
October 23-24 Ojai, CA
October 25 Thousand Oaks, CA – Presenting for PMI – Project Management Institute
October 26-29 Ojai, CA
October 30 – Santa Barbara, CA – Presenting at University of California, SB
October 31 – Travel to Zurich, Switzerland (for leadership programs for clients)

September 2012

September 1-4 Ojai, CA
September 5-16 New York City, NY
September 17 Long Beach, CA
September 18-25 Ojai, CA
September 26-30 Grand Canyon, AZ —> Video and Link here

August 2012
August 1  New York City – Public Book Talk and Signing —> Click here for info
August 2-11  Ojai, CA – R&R
August 13-17 Columbus & Canton, Ohio
August 20-21 Washington, DC
August 22 Boston, MA
August 24 Chicago, IL
August 25 Los Angeles, CA

July 2012
July 1  Zurich – Ojai (3 flights, and a lot of hours!)
July 3-6  Portland, OR – book talks and signings —> Get a copy!
July 9  New York City – coaching for private clients —> Info
July 11-21  Ojai, CA
July 22-24 Marin County/San Francisco, CA —> Info here
July 26  New York City – Seminar for NYC Dept. of Education
July 27  New York City – seminar for private client
July 28-29 New York City – Yankees Stadium (playing the Red Sox!)
July 30  New York City – coaching w/ private clients

June 2012
June 1  London – seminar for private client
June 2-6 Ojai – writing/training
June 7  Las Vegas – Your Best Just Got Better presentation
June 9 Thousand Oaks – public seminar (information here)
June 11-15 New York City – seminars for private client
June 17-20 London – seminars for private client
June 21-25 Florence, Italy – vacation
June 26-30 Zurich, Switzerland – seminars for private client

MAY 2012
May 1-2  New York City, (private clients)
May 3  Dallas, TX (private client)
May 4-6  Wildflower Triathlon, California
May 8-11  New York City, (private clients)
May 13-23  Mississippi Bike Ride (New Orleans to Memphis over 8 days!)
May 30  100th Air Refueling Wing, RAF Mildenhall (link here)
May 31  London, UK (private client)

APRIL 2012
April 1-2  Phoenix, AZ

April 3-4  White Plains, NY (private client)
April 5-22 Ojai, CA
April 17 Los Angeles – Hollywood Business Meetup
April 18 Ventura – V2TC discussion
April 19 Ventura – Goal/Planning luncheon
April 23-30  New York City, (private clients)

MARCH 2012
March 1  New York City, (private client)
March 7  Institute for Management Studies, Dallas -Fort Worth, Texas
March 13  South By Southwest Conference, SXSW, 11:30 am, Austin TX
March 15-16  Leadership Conference, (private client) Palm Beach, Florida
March 20  Institute for Management Studies, Detroit, MI
March 22  Institute for Management Studies, Columbus, OH
March 30  Edge 2 Conference, Ventura, California

February 1  New York City (private client)
February 3  Ventura County Community Foundation, Ventura, CA (Sign up here.)
February 3  Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA (SOLD OUT)
February 8  Wichita, Kansas (private client)
February 9-10  Memphis, TN (Rhodes College event here)
February 15  Contacts N Coffee, Ventura, CA (Link here)
February 15  V2TC Ventura Ventures Technology Center, Ventura, CA (Sign up.)
February 15  Enterprise Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
February 27  UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (Sign up here.)
February 29  New York City, (private client)

January 11 Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth Conference, Long Beach, CA
January 19  New York City (private client)
January 23  Fox9 TV 6:45 am Pacific/9:45 am Eastern time
January 24  Institute for Management Studies, Minneapolis, MN
January 27  UCSB
January 30-31  New York City (private clients)