Things to do to reflect more clearly (today's list)

When you end something (a meeting, a day at the office, a week-long off-site retreat, attending a conference) there is incredible value to pressing the “pause” button and reflecting on how everything went along the way. Today’s list is something I’ve used for a long time know to gain perspective, manage my time and practice

Productivity Through Technology

For one of our clients with offices in countries around the world, I travel on-site and present a 3-hour course named: Productivity Through Technology. During these 180 minutes, we focus on HOW you work, HOW you use your technology and HOW you can “free up” 10-30 minutes a day by using your tools differently. I

reQall anytime, anywhere, from any phone

If you’re like me – and, most likely you are, as you’re reading this now! – you get ideas “here” that you need “there.” So, here’s an easy thing to do: Use voice transcription… something like Reqall. (See the text below, from their website…) reQall anytime, anywhere, from any phone If you’re like most people,

Are you ready to work awesome?

Imagine my surprise and BIG smile when Mike Vardy (of the Work Awesome podcast) and I firmed up our online interview a while back. Of course he’d already had quite a few thought leaders on his show, so getting in line was a privilege and an honor…thanks again Mike! Here is the link to the

3 Ways to Maximize Your Best Just Got Better on iTunes

We ARE getting closer to the January publication date of Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More Here are 3 ways you can maximize this podcast: 1) Subscribe and connect your iPod/iPad/iPhone or shuffle to download as soon as each one is published. 2) Burn the Audio file as a MP3 (or audio

If you could ask a mentor ANYthing, what would it be?

For years now, I have encouraged the process of sitting down at least weekly with someone who cares as much (ore more) than you do about your own development and growth as a leader, creator and professional. It seems that every workshop I facilitate, the question comes up, “What do you talk about, when you

Mastering Workplace Performance – NYC – 25 April 2011

Thank you, everyone, for attending out MPW seminar today… My intention when I present one of these is to balance the line between (a) actionable and practical information and (b) theories of productivity you can continue thinking about and discussing with your team for weeks (or months!) to come! In “list form” here are some

What influences YOUR productivity?

What do you think influences your productivity the most? Your work environment? Your technologies and tools? Your co workers? Watch the video below, and you’ll see me talk about the three things I have seen positively AND negatively influence people’s productivity…in life, and at work. Click the link below for a video all about this

3 Ways to use an article on Time Management from Training Magazine

Each month, I write a dedicated article for Training Magazine in the column called, “Productivity Coach’s Corner.” Here is an article with 2 ideas you can use to take control of your time. Training Magazine article on Saving Time As you can see from the title of this article, it’s important to “control your time.” Here

3 things to consider when looking for a mentor

Thank you to for asking about mentoring:         When I read “Mojo” by Marshall Goldsmith, I solidified a couple of ideas about mentoring. 1. That “thing” that I need mentoring with is much closer than I think. Over the past few months, my Moleskine journal has “received” several notes (in my

4 Secrets Effective People Know About “Asking Powerful Questions.”