The FIRST ‘Momentum’ Question

Every day we welcome new members to the Get Momentum Leadership Academy, we celebrate the commitment made and we acknowledge the work to be done. 15 New Get Momentum Members Often, organizations commit the resources necessary to support entire groups of leaders who enroll in the program. This week, Associate Professors from Samford University have

What Makes a High Performing Team?

Are you on a team? Are you a team player? We coach leaders throughout the world at Get Momentum to practice specific skills such as: Build and Be a Part of High Performing Teams This month (August), managers and leaders around the world will spend anywhere from 2-6 hours learning to become a better team leader…and

4 estrategias para administrar mejor tu tiempo

Esta semana vamos a concentrarnos en las cosas pequeñas que puedes cambiar para hacer que tu máximo desempeño sea aún mejor. Probablemente tienes una serie de hábitos con los que te sientes cómodo, y eso está bien, porque te llevaron al lugar donde estás actualmente. Pero si tuvieras la oportunidad de ir más lejos, ¿Estarías

One Size (Thinking) Doesn’t Fit All

Last week I spoke to two groups of managers in Seattle, Washington about the topic: “Optimize Your Time and Focus to Get Momentum.” My intention was to demonstrate how important it is to think differently and plan out the different “sizes” of projects to start and changes to make. When I coach leaders to achieve

A simple practice will help your teams get things done

As a manager, a leader or an individual contributor, you’ve got to become more EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE to build a high performing team. If you want to do that: Learn Emotional Intelligence. For just ONE HOUR a week (Monday, August 7th and Monday, August 14th), Get Momentum member Stephen Collins (living in Canberra, Australia) will

Get Momentum WEBSITE review

The Get Momentum Leadership Academy Five years ago, Jodi and I founded the GMLA for leaders who want to continue along their path of Development and Skills-Improvement both for their work AND their lives. Please join us for a Get Momentum WEBSITE welcome. This week, 8 people have decided to join us. Whether this is

Desarrollar “Tu Equipo” Puede Hacer La Diferencia

¿Alguna vez te detuviste para considerar cómo las experiencias que vives actualmente son, al menos en parte, resultado de tus interacciones y de tu red social? Los grupos de personas con quienes interactúas durante el día afectan tu perspectiva mental, tu habilidad para descubrir oportunidades, y aprovecharlas. ¡Por eso es tan importante tener a las

August 25th: Birmingham, AL – Octane Coffee (in Homewood)

We’ll be in town, speaking at Samford University on Friday (August 25th). So, early in the morning please come meet us for an informal discussion about the book, “Get Momentum” (link here). Bring a project you want to start or a change you want to make and get some ideas to get you going. PLACE: Octane

Episode 218 – Thank You for Making Life Better

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Did you see who I dedicated the BOOK to?

Guess who I dedicate this PODCAST to!

This is it, friends. The 218th episode of the Your Best Just Got Better podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Do you know how I got started the podcast?
  • Thanks to a few loyal listeners, we kept the ‘cast going.
  • Your comments and ratings STILL help others find this podcast.
  • The next project we do will be at…

Thank you so much for listening to the Your Best Just Got Better podcast.

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Tres Maneras De Eliminar Las Distracciones De Tu Día Laboral

Cuando estableces una meta para que lo bueno sea aún mejor, una de las principales cuestiones que te enfrentarás es la de cómo mejorar tu productividad. ¿Has notado que muchas veces cuando te concentras en tu trabajo, y estás llegando a tomar impulso para que las cosas marchen con fluidez, alguien te interrumpe? Trabajo con

4 Secrets Effective People Know About “Asking Powerful Questions.”