Do You Debate? Journey and Destination (like Peanut Butter and Jelly – or Chocolate!)

Recently, a student at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, in Montgomery, AL sent me an email asking about balancing the “journey” with the “destinations.” He shared that he’s got a lot to juggle, and he’s always thinking about working on the “right things.” Do you relate to that feeling inside of being REALLY BUSY,

Get Momentum these three ways and improve your life

Change Your Perspective… …change your life! “How are you?” a colleague asks.  “So busy,” you reply.  Does this sound like a typical day in the office? Also, it’s the #1 reason we co-founded the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy in 2012 and wrote our book by the same title in 2016. Your routines can be valuable when they streamline your

What influences YOUR productivity?

What do you think influences your productivity the most? Your work environment? Your technologies and tools? Your co workers? Watch the video below, and you’ll see me talk about the three things I have seen positively AND negatively influence people’s productivity…in life, and at work. Click the link below for a video all about this

¿Cuánto Puedes Lograr En El 1% De Tu Día?

¿Estás lo suficientemente consciente de cómo manejas tu tiempo, y de cuánto tiempo tienes EN REALIDAD? Un día tiene solo 1440 minutos, y esto podría no ser suficiente cuando intentas hacer más sin prestar atención a cómo utilizas este recurso limitado Cuando le pregunto a mis clientes en qué momento comienzan a planificar su día,

Things to do to reflect more clearly (today’s list)

When you end something (a meeting, a day at the office, a week-long off-site retreat, attending a conference) there is incredible value to pressing the “pause” button and reflecting on how everything went along the way. Today’s list is something I’ve used for a long time know to gain perspective, manage my time and practice

La Libertad de los Límites: Por Qué y Cómo Trazar Una Línea Alrededor de tu Día Laboral

¿Qué pensamientos genera en ti la palabra ‘límite’? A menudo asociamos este concepto con aquello que no podemos hacer, con las limitaciones, pero no nos damos cuenta de que los límites en realidad son herramientas poderosas que facilitan que muchas cosas en nuestra sociedad funciones de manera adecuada. Todas las actividades – tanto personales como

Are you ready to work awesome?

Imagine my surprise and the BIG smile when Mike Vardy (of the Work Awesome podcast) and I firmed up our online interview a while back. Of course, he’d already had quite a few thought leaders on his show, so getting in line was a privilege and an honor…thanks again Mike! Here is the link to

Failing your way to success. Here’s how!

Mastery…what is it? The freedom of wind in your face, sun on your arms and the exhilaration of your own human-power moving you along… Last year I qualified to race in the USA Triathlon National Championships. Do you remember learning to ride a bike? I don’t. I mean, not really. And, I’m sure I didn’t

How do you DO resilience?

What do you want? I’ll put money down that you’d say something like: I want to make money. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I want it all to mean something… When things are good, you’re fine. Right? But, what do you do when it all goes wrong… The money isn’t there.

3 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

  Dylan Donner, an amazing leader in Wichita, Kansas invited me to speak at an event he is coordinating in March, 2016. In anticipation, he and I sat down to have a few conversations. How you finish the workday is SO important. It sets your mood for the rest of your evening; it impacts your

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