3 Fundamentals – how the brain works to collaborate

What a founder needs to do… Do you ever wonder if another late night, low bank account and constant stress is all worthwhile? If you’ve ever questioned your very existence, or whether the objective you’re pursuing is worth it, you must return to the basics… Study the fundamentals. Here on the island of Menorca, we

Doing the work…getting the results

Your #coach is a nationally ranked, age-group triathlete. I’m registered to race in the USAT national championships next month. A dream that was 15 years in the making. So, what is that thing (goal, dream, project, change) you are getting #momentum on? And, what’s it gonna take to make it happen? As for me, I had

Most people who took a vacation did not do “________”

Happy Summertime to YOU! I have good news… and then some bad news. Are you ready? Good news: Summertime means vacation time. Bad news. According to a recent survey*, most people who took a vacation didn’t unplug while away. In fact, 25% said they worked every day. In the past month, Jodi and I have

Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice

Do you have a habit you’d like to take on? To change? To learn more about?

What are you stealing?

Saw this poster on the door of a bathroom at a bookstore/book shop in Crested Butte. Made me think, that’s for sure. So, here we are on Day 7 of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. A short(er) day, and mostly downhill as we head toward Cañon City, Colorado. Here’s the map: Oh, one more photo

Inside the mind of an endurance athlete

Well, happy Friday to you! What do YOU have planned for the end of the week? If you think of it – between the hours of 6am-3pm Mountain Time – will ya send me some good thoughts? Here’s where I’m climbing on Friday, June 28th, 2013. Thank you BTC… As I finished the day (off)

“Only” 47 miles of riding today. What can I think about for you?

Day 4: Bicycle Tour of Colorado … what ever will I do? Just 47 miles on my bike; but, wait… a whole BUNCH of those miles are on a dirt road! It’s a bit early (compared to yesterday, when I started riding at 9:20am!) as I’m getting ready to check out a local coffee shop

Movement is the only way to move (day 3 of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado)

Day Three of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado…a short ride from Carbondale to Paonia, Colorado. (Just to clarify, “Yes…this is a different bike ride from the one I did earlier in June; that one is called, ‘Ride the Rockies’ and is a similar event.) When I say shorter, what I mean is “less-than-60-miles” in a

Bruce Springsteen sang, I learned…oh, and I rode another 86 miles today: Bicycle Tour of Colorado

Here we are in Buena Vista, Colorado. Sunset on Sunday night is accentuated by the fires, the smoke, the ash in the air to our west. Jodi drove, and I rode, the 80-some-odd miles from Cañon City, CO this morning. As we ended the day – after an incredible meal at a restaurant called Asian

Are you in the “right” community? Where are you heading?

On the road again. Did Kenny Rogers ride a bike much? If so, I wonder if he ever thought about touring the United States of America on two wheels. If he did, I hope he would have joined a community like this one. As you’ll read in a bit, I’m a BIG fan of surrounding