Failing your way to success. Here’s how!

Mastery…what is it? The freedom of wind in your face, sun on your arms and the exhilaration of your own human-power moving you along… Last year I qualified to race in the USA Triathlon National Championships. Do you remember learning to ride a bike? I don’t. I mean, not really. And, I’m sure I didn’t

Have a “Less-Stressful” Holiday Season…Ready?

Happy December, Don’t PLAN to spend this holiday season stressed out. No one in their right mind does.  But…be careful because many of you reading this are facing a lot of pressure. You might be traveling.  You might be with family you haven’t seen in a while.  You might be managing through a big “end-of-year”

This “healthy” stuff isn’t for everyone. (But it is for you…)

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Know the “health” statistics. Generally speaking, Get Momentum members are senior leaders and entrepreneurs. They are VERY successful people who are ready for the next level of coaching. They want to get to their next “there.” Usually, within 6 months of working together, we get to another level in

Work at a desk (a lot) and want to be more healthy?

Are you reading this on your phone, in bed? Maybe you’re commuting to work on a tablet on the train. Or you could be reading this in between meetings on your lunch break. No matter WHAT, the only way you’re reading this – and watching that video – is if you’re connected to the Internet. And,

The Form That Changed My Meetings (for the Better)

CLICK HERE  to download a sample MEETING agenda that I’ve used for more than 2 years… A Form That Changed My Meetings (for the Better) If you’re a leader in a large company, if you own a small business, if you are a volunteer in a non-profit organization, you attend meetings. Meetings may be among American

That feeling of Momentum

Ah, that feeling of momentum. You know, when you get an idea, implement it, and it works! You get that blog post or chapter written. A customer leaves a raving review of your service online. The manufacturer you’re working with gets you what you need on time AND on budget. Isn’t that great? We’ve just

4 strategies to manage your time better

This week it is all about identifying small things you can change to get started on your path to make your best better. You probably have a series of habits that you feel comfortable with, and that’s ok, because they took you were you are now. But if you had the chance to achieve more,

The tools I use…

How’s THIS for a question? “Jason, what tools do you use to get so many things done?” I think it’s important to start with a little background; actually, let me list out a recent week for you: Saturday: Drive to Los Angeles; attend birthday party for family; sleep in a hotel near LAX airport. Sunday:

Can you believe it?

What is about that question, “Can you believe it?”??? I mean, USUALLY when people say it, it’s because they CAN’T believe something that is actually happening. Right? Think about it, what was the last thing you said “Can you believe it?” about? Oh, and one more thing, when someone DOES ask that question, they usually aren’t really

FBR: “The Credit Cleanup Book” by Shindy Chen

What is your “More?” Are you in the market to buy or refinance a home? If so, I only have one question for you. : What is – according to industry insiders – the most important asset you are sitting on? Well, according to author strategist and former lender, Shindy Chen, it is your credit

4 Secrets Effective People Know About “Asking Powerful Questions.”