Go Further, Faster, Together

When those moments come that I’m fortunate enough to have the undivided attention of a mentor, I’m always sure to be prepared. We’ve talked before about the importance of assembling your influence dream team. But once you’ve made the connections, how do you make the most of your time together? Are you prepared to soak

Your Influence Dream Team

On Saturday we considered just how influential our social network is. Its members are the people who will assist you as you grow in a new direction, make something new, build on a new idea, or change the way you meet your goals. Did you take a moment to inventory your closest influencers and consider

The Influence of Your Social Network

When you think about everything you’re going to do over the next 12 months, do you recognize the influence of your social network? In the next year you will take vacations, eat in restaurants, read books, see movies, and explore new hobbies. Do you know that you will make many of those decisions as the

Who could you call, just to say…

  …I love you As interconnected as we seem to be – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, instant messaging, text messaging, phone call, a “quick interruption,” – we may be putting some of the more important things off until “later.” This week’s podcast (click the Read & Watch tab above and choose PODCAST) is about the

Planting a Seed

It was sometime during the holiday season last year and I was making my way back home to spend time with my family. Along the way, I stopped in San Mateo to have breakfast with a mentor of mine. As we shared a meal, we caught up and he asked me challenging questions about how

Who is on Your Team?

Recently I was speaking with a client who just started running. She doesn’t have her sights set on any Olympic gold and isn’t certain if a marathon is ever in her future, but she is running regularly and enjoying herself. This isn’t the first time in her life that she has chosen running as a

4 Secrets Effective People Know About “Asking Powerful Questions.”