Productivity Tips (While you’re out on the road…)

Since 1997, I’ve looked to learn by getting away from it all…So I can come back to more. Where Do You Do What You Do? When asked, “Why are you on the road so much?” I reply, “I go to learn, I go to experience, I go to see new things.” I can work on

12 months from now your personal world will depend on…

Over the next year, you’ll be were you are based on the people you’re spending time with…

What I’ve learned NOT to do (to build a network that is kind, supportive, engaged)

Are you building a positive, supportive Network? If so, take a moment AND focus on making things better this year; just pop on over here to read a post I wrote on the power of community. When it’s time to bring your network to a new level, you know it’s important to engage in positive,

Would the “c+ Student” Please Collect His Report Card?

Jodi and I work together…We have for the past 21 years, in one way or another. That being said, there were 21 years BEFORE us meeting that we’re still learning about today. She’s got her stories, I’ve got mine. One of the stories I’d always told was how I wasn’t the “best” student in junior

30 ways to connect – #Better

We have just published a Special Report called, “30 ways to connect – #Better.” It is timely, of course, as many of you reading this are about to “jump in to summer” and you will have the opportunity to spend more (or less!) time and connect with certain people in your network. Imagine if your

Ask better questions, change your life…

Are you working as “smart” as possible? (If you’d like to read this article at Training Magazine .com, just click here!) Social networking is changing the “curiosity game.” It is now easier and faster than ever to learn from your community. How do you know, however, that the technology you’re using and the effort you’re expending is

If you knew how to communicate better…

Frustration. Overwhelm. Too much to do. Not enough time to get it all done. Do any of those sound familiar? Over years of research I’ve asked leaders, employees, entrepreneurs and even people who’ve retired and are taking up grandparenting and golf as their main “to-dos” each day, and over and over again I hear this:

Are You Asking Powerful – and Meaningful – Questions?

“So, what do you do?” “Well, where are you from?” Tell me you’ve heard those questions before. Maybe you were at a convention, a networking event, or you simply out and about going through life. When you heard that question, or one like it, how did you feel? Did the person asking you that question

When it’s time to build momentum…Where do you go?

Who are you spending the most time with? I’ve got a great activity for you to consider: write down the names of people you’ve spent more than hour with over the past 72 hours. Go on, make that list. Then, next to each person’s name, simply write a PLUS sign or a MINUS sign. Here’s

How did you get your start?

Over at, I’ve started up a conversation that asks people to share their best advice on how to start making your way toward success.

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