3 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

  Dylan Donner, an amazing leader in Wichita, Kansas invited me to speak at an event he is coordinating in March, 2016. In anticipation, he and I sat down to have a few conversations. How you finish the workday is SO important. It sets your mood for the rest of your evening; it impacts your

3 ways your life will improve this year

Want to be different, more productive and more (by your definition) successful? Watch your associations. The people you spend time with, they’ll jack you up and push you further… …or they won’t. Your life will change if you improve* your network. Want to grow more this year? Here are three ideas… 1. Work in a place you

Who IS the kind of person to join Get Momentum?

There are 5 questions I hope you’ll ask yourself today: Do you need to control your overwhelming projects list – in your life AND career? Do you wonder what you might be missing, that other successful people already know? Do you need clarity and focus in my life? Is it time for a “Productivity Makeover”

Focus is easy for some, hard for others.

During July this summer, Jodi and I coached Get Momentum members around the world in the leadership skill called #resilience … for 31 days, every member put their focus on what it means to try, get knocked down, get back up, and try again. One night I looked at the bookcase behind me in the office,

We say, “Momentum is the impetus gained by a moving object”

Leaders study momentum and build a network that supports growth and exponential career development.

Momentum is your secret weapon

12 months… it IS a long time to think about because we all know it will be next year “before we know it.” Life. Work. Tragedy. Surprise. Opportunity. These things and more are the things that “get in our way” of actually HAVING access to every one of the the 8,760 hours we have in

Steve Jobs and I would have gotten along

A creative…A designer…A husband and a dad…And, a storyteller. In this “less-than-20-minute-sharing,” my affinity toward and interest in Steve Jobs only increased. Over the years, I’ve been a fan of the Apple line of products. I’ve read most of the articles that have been published; and of course the BIG biography by Walter Isaacson. But,

FBR – Reputation Economics, by Josh Klein

I bought and read the Kindle edition of “Reputation Economics: Why Who You Know is Worth More Than What You Have” during the few weeks after Joshua and I began emailing each other back and forth in late 2014. And THAT was after I’d seen his TED Talk on “Crows” years before, heard him speak

Your Ability to “FutureCast”

When you think about your future… Good morning, we’re getting some much-needed rain here in Ojai this week. One thing I know: This rain is what we need for those flowers to grow and the lakes can fill. (You see, I like to hike and race triathlon in the Spring!) As you think about the

A Solution to Increasing…

This month at Get Momentum, we are focused on Becoming (a Better) Connector, and learning how to Leverage Your Network. Click here to sign up in time to attend our LIVE Town Hall webinar on Thursday, November 6th. (Of course, as a member you have access to the ENTIRE archive of recorded Town Hall webinars and

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