You ARE Presenting All the Time (now what?)

Jodi will give a speech at a big conference on May 25th. (Register here!) Onstage in front of 800 project managers at the Path To Agility Conference in Ohio, she will talk about How to get momentum when you need it most! If you told her 10 years that she would be on that stage, in front of THAT

Wellness: Have you thought: “I need to call a doctor?”

Last month, we spent 4 days at Canyon Ranch, a health and fitness resort in Tucson, Arizona. Why We Focus On Our Health No, we’re not sick, our pants aren’t getting smaller and we feel very healthy. We invested 4 days and nearly $8,000 on ourselves for two reasons: It was time for us to re-set. Over four days of meetings with

Are you a Healthy and Well #leader?

Last week, we took a week to ride down the coast of California. (Jodi rode in a car, Jason and his buddy Joe rode their bicycles!) The trip from Big Sur to Santa Barbara covered 208 miles, and took 4 days. Along the way, we reflected a lot on this month’s theme… We ate well. We rested. We

Work at a desk (a lot) and want to be more healthy?

Are you reading this on your phone, in bed? Maybe you’re commuting to work on a tablet on the train. Or you could be reading this in between meetings on your lunch break. No matter WHAT, the only way you’re reading this – and watching that video – is if you’re connected to the Internet. And,

Do You Know How to Prioritize Your Work?

When it’s time to work on the “big rocks” that Stephen Covey talked about, how do YOU prioritize?

Are you Creative? Is your workplace Creative?

Recently, a Get Momentum member who oversees a global team of customer relationship managers wrote to us and asked: Is there a connection between appreciation of (or participation in) the arts to creativity in the workplace? There’s a LOT to that question, and I expand on my thoughts at the Get Momentum blog (click here

Do you want to be a little or a lot bit better next year?

If you’re looking for this year to be one of your best yet… it is gonna require you know what that means. Here’s a short series of questions we ask all our Get Momentum members… Loading…      

What are your morning rituals?

When you start the day, there are better AND/OR worse ways to begin. Check your rituals, they’ll clue you in to your productivity.

Stop Making (Certain) Decisions

Walking out of the office, you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket (or your purse). Not even a minute later, as you’re standing at the stoplight waiting for the crosswalk to clear, you feel it again. You reach for the mobile device, look at the screen, and see that it’s your partner reaching out

Save information (logically) so it is easy to find thereafter

When it comes to having to save information so it’s easy (easier) to find later, It is absolutely critical that you spend some time “on the front side” identifying the kind of information you have to save.

4 Secrets Effective People Know About “Asking Powerful Questions.”